Quick Guide To Long-Term Storage Services

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Quick Guide To Long-Term Storage Services

Long-Term Storage in NYC

Whether it’s for business or personal purposes, storage facilities can be a great help for everyone. If you have a lot of documents, files, or personal belongings you simply can’t keep organized in your home or office, renting out a storage unit in NYC can give you the freedom to declutter.
However, choosing the right storage units can be a bit tricky, especially since most people don’t know what to look for. If you’re in the market for storage in NYC, Perfect Moving has prepared this useful guide to help you get started!

What Can and Can’t Be Stored Long-Term?

You can deposit most of your belongings in a storage unit, albeit with some expectations. For long term purposes, you can drop off:
What you can store generally depends on the size of the unit you choose. However, some items are prohibited from being deposited in a storage unit in New York:

What Type of Unit Do You Need?

Storage units range to accommodate different budgets, but before you choose the most affordable one, it’s worth taking a look at what they offer.
We recommend always choosing a climate-controlled unit to make sure your belongings don’t get damaged by humidity or temperature changes. This is especially important if you store items that are more sensitive to the environment they stay in, and if you plan to deposit them for a long time.
Other than that, there are other choices you’ll have to make, depending on what you need:

How to Prepare Your Items for Long-Term Storage

A lot of people will treat a storage unit like a garage – the place to drop off anything they don’t need, but still want to keep. Of course, once you rent out a unit in NYC, you can do whatever you want, but we recommend taking the time to organize your belongings to keep track of everything inside:
This way, in case you do need to retrieve something, you can move around the unit and find what you’re looking for much faster.
Other tips to prepare your items for storage can include:

Perfect Moving Is Here to Lend a Hand

If you’re in need of a full-service storage facility, look no further than Perfect Moving. We can help you get your valuable belongings safely to our highly secure units.
Ready to get started? Then get your free storage estimate online now!
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