5 Top Reasons to Move to Alphabet City

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5 Top Reasons to Move to Alphabet City

Moving to Alphabet City in Manhattan

Call us biased, but we love New York City. We love its hectic energy and diversity. And, we especially love its vibrant neighborhoods, each with something unique to bring to the table.
Take Alphabet City as an example. A chic and bohemian neighborhood, close to East Village, Alphabet City has a rich history, a strong diverse community, charming parks, and hip restaurants. It’s a great and safe place for young adults and families alike.
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Alphabet City was once the melting pot of Polish, Jewish, German, and Hispanic residents. It was also home to a big Irish and Italian community and by the mid-19th century, a wave of Puerto Rico residents started calling this neighborhood home. The mix of European and Latin influences can still be felt today, giving Alphabet City its bohemian and chic vibe.

Great Transportation

The ability to easily get around in a big city like New York can be a blessing. Not only does Alphabet City have a great transit score and is well connected to other parts of the city via bus and subway, but it also has a good walk score too. That means that you can find pretty much everything you need within walking distance, such as great shops, cafes, and restaurants, as well as schools.


Are you craving Thai food in the middle of the night? Do you need an early-morning hairdresser appointment? You can get almost anything at any hour here. Within a short radius of your apartment, you will probably find a grocery store, a bakery, a coffee shop, and a pharmacy.

Outdoor Recreation

Sure, having a hip cafe just a short walk from home sounds great, but some people are more interested in outdoor activities. You can get plenty of those in Alphabet City too! Tompkins Square Park spans 10.5 acres and there are plenty of playgrounds, outdoor chess and ping pong tables, and even a basketball court.
There are other small parks too as well as a Botanical Garden.

An Up and Coming Neighborhood

Alphabet City isn’t yet as famous as Downtown Manhattan or East Village, which means that you can still find some pretty good deals when it comes to renting and housing. But, the steady increase in properties bought here is showing that this is an up-and-coming neighborhood and that more and more people are looking to settle here.

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