Ultimate Guide for Storage in NYC

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Ultimate Guide for Storage in NYC
Whether you are downsizing, leaving New York City temporarily, or regularly moving in or out of the city, you may require a place to store your items while you consider your next move. If that’s the case, it’s imperative to get ample space where you will have peace of mind knowing that your items are safe.
Irrespective of the reason, renting a storage space in New York City is much cheaper than renting an apartment when you are out of town. Fortunately, there are many ways to find a great storage solution to suit your unique needs.
This guide will go over everything you need to ensure you find the best solution for your storage needs and get your items there safely. If you come across any NYC storage-related questions we didn’t address, don’t hesitate to contact Perfect Moving for further details.

Full-Service Storage Solutions

If you’re moving across the country or internationally, you may want to store your personal belongings for the short or long term. At Perfect Moving, we specialize in personal storage services and are committed to helping people like you keep their personal belongings efficiently and safely.
We also offer a variety of flexible or “valet-style” storage solutions to meet your needs. These services involve picking and transporting your items to the storage unit and delivering them back upon request.
You can enjoy short-term and long-term business storage at the best security, convenience, and most affordable price rates at Perfect Moving. Our company goes above and beyond to help you free-up space in your office without relocating or expanding. Your belongings will remain safely packed, protected, and fully wrapped while under the company’s premises.
The storage professionals at Perfect Moving aim to make storage easy, affordable, and efficient. We will pack and pick up your items with utmost care. Still, we will deliver the items to you fast and efficiently when you need the things back.
If you’re looking for storage units for rent in NYC, please request your free online quote with Perfect Moving to get the help you deserve.

The Duration and Storage for Your Needs

This is perfect for items you only need to store for a short time, usually a few months. This storage solution is particularly essential if your next move is unclear. It also serves as a stop-gap step, giving you spacing flexibility whenever you need it.
Short-term storage is excellent for college students in between semesters. People looking to downsize, declutter, renovate, or move to a new home and have some time between the current and the new house and need to rent a hotel or apartment.
This entails periods longer than three months, and it can run up to years. Unlike in short-term storage, where people get their items after a short time, in the long term, you usually deposit your things and leave them there until you need them again. This means the items should be expertly packed and placed in a secure space to ensure maximum protection.
In addition, your possessions will be monitored and better managed to ensure they are kept in good shape. This solution is perfect for individuals making an international move who will need to store household items, furniture, heirlooms, and other things for an extended period.
Long-term storage may be a great choice if you’re downsizing or decluttering your home, making space for renovations, keeping valuable items safe, or making space for home additions or renovations.

Packing For Storage

If you are preparing to store your things for the short-term or long-term, it’s vital to consider the planning and preparation process. As you pack, prepare a detailed item list to know what you put into storage and in which order. Label all boxes to ensure you don’t forget or dig through each item to find what you’re looking for.
Moving and full-service storage companies like Perfect Moving can help ensure the preparation and packing process is seamless. We offer secure and efficient packaging and storage solutions to meet your specific requirements. Furthermore, qualified storage companies know the importance of keeping your items safe, so they will go out of their way to achieve this purpose.
Many will use durable boxes that withstand damage and wrap your breakables in newspaper or bubble wrap for extra protection. Perfect Moving is adequately equipped with the necessary tools and resources to keep your possessions safe and secure until you need them again.

Storage Solutions in New York City

There are many options when it comes to storing personal goods and commercial inventory in NYC. Once you know your budget and storage needs, you can quickly establish how and where to keep your belongings. There are generally three ways to consider:

Moving and Storage Services in a Single Package

The most efficient way to store your inventory is by hiring a moving company that doubles as a storage facility. With such a company, you don’t have to worry about finding a second provider to coordinate the two services.
When you work with a company that offers moving and storage services in one package, you can rest easy knowing they will handle every step of the process, including transporting your goods into their facility.
Reputable moving companies like Perfect Moving can provide efficient storage at reasonable prices to give you peace of mind. That will also allow you to work with a professional consultant who will help you plan and prepare every detail of your move.
Most importantly, we will provide you with complete insurance plans for your items and facilitate the insurance certificate for your project, including moving and storage services. That way, you are able to manage your entire move and storage process easily with one provider, keeping it hassle-free. Professional movers will also use boxes and wraps made from the correct material to ensure durability and endure the test of time.
Not many moving and storage companies like Perfect Moving offer warehouse storage where your goods are kept in a secure warehouse with pick-up and delivery. They are correctly arranged and stored in a safe facility with security measures like 24/7 video surveillance. You do not have daily access to a storage unit with this arrangement. Instead, the unique organization of the company staff will allow your goods to be removed on demand.

Storage-only Companies

The second storage type is warehouse-only companies that only cater to your storage needs. These companies will pick up and deliver your items back to your preferred location. However, it’s worth noting that the work of wrapping and protecting your belongings remains your sole responsibility as these companies don’t offer these services.
This means you will have to wrap and safeguard your possessions in the curbside before loading them. It is also important to remember that most of these companies don’t offer transport services outside their delivery services area.
Therefore, if you want to move your items to another state outside the company’s delivery address area, you may still need to hire a moving company. Moreover, most storage-only companies will transport your goods in and out of their warehouse but may not offer specialized services such as custom crating and white-glove packing and moving.

Self-storage Units

Self-storage options are particularly beneficial for storing precious items and important documents like financial records and personal documents that need constant access. With these storage premises, you can DIY drive-in with your chosen moving company or your rented truck to pick up or drop off things from your storage locker.
You can call in advance to reserve your storage unit to align with your move day but remember that most self-storage companies may have wait times stretching to months due to the growing demand. Thus, when you successfully book your slot, you can check in at the front desk to finalize the process before you’re directed to your unit.
Most companies provide trolleys you can use to carry small items like desks and boxes. Just remember to arrange your items in proper order for easy access; place the least used things at the back of the bay and weighty goods at the ground. Also, avoid putting heavy items on top of soft ones to prevent damage.
If you hire movers to transport your items into a storage facility, they will take care of everything once you show them your storage unit. After checking the height and size of the space, the movers will work with you to determine the suitable way to organize your items.

Storage FAQs

The best way to tell the amount of space you will need is by reviewing the size and volume of your items. Identify what you no longer need and dispose of, donate, or recycle. This helps ensure you aren’t paying to store unnecessary items. After sorting, create an inventory list, including household items, furniture, electronics, suitcases, and boxes.

Most moving and storage companies offer storage units to keep everything from small lockers to larger units in a garage. With a clear list of your items, you can start to evaluate the storage options you need to receive a quote from the storage company.

To access our storage services at Perfect Moving, request a free quote here or contact us at (212) 601-2721 for further details.

Cost is one of the most critical aspects when deciding to rent a storage unit anywhere. The price of storage space is based on the volume of your items and the size of the storage space and is often charged as monthly storage fees. Once you store your belongings, it’s important to honor your agreement and pay the agreed-upon monthly costs on time.

Like most states, New York has a sales tax that may apply to your monthly storage fees. For example, if your storage belongings change, whether you are doing a partial shift or moving new goods in, you can expect cost adjustments.

Other factors such as climate may also impact storage price. If you fail to pay your storage fees in NYC, storage companies can auction or even dispose of your belongings, depending on their terms and conditions.

As you search for the best storage companies in NYC, there are several factors to consider before moving into a storage facility, including:

  • Location of the storage facility
  • Video surveillance and overall security
  • The billing and deposit process
  • The level of customer service and professionalism
  • The size in cubic square footage your goods will occupy
  • Insurance options
  • If the company can deliver your items to a different address, including another state or city.
  • The contract terms and conditions

Remember that self-storage units, where you have full access to your items, are usually more expensive than storage facilities where the company keeps your belongings until the identified delivery time. Typically, obtaining your own storage area means you can get your goods when stored on-site until you take them back.

You can store almost everything from your home, including household goods, electronics, clothing, file boxes, furniture, and books.

There are a few restricted things that are prohibited from warehouse storage facilities. They include:

  • Weapons
  • Live animals
  • Live plants
  • Illicit drugs
  • Dangerous substances and chemicals
  • And anything inflammable
  • Use high-quality packing supplies suitable for moving to avoid damage
  • Avoid keeping items in plastic bags
  • Label packing boxes
  • Set aside packing supplies of breakables and mark them as fragile
  • Fill the gaps in the irregular-shaped goods to avoid too much moving during transportation.
  • Put weighty items at the bottom and lighter ones at the top.
Looking for storage services in NYC? Please get in touch with us for further details. You can also request a free storage quote to get started.