5 Tips to Find The Best Short-Term Storage Services

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5 Tips to Find The Best Short-Term Storage Services

Tips to Find the Best Short-Term Storage Services in New York City

Many NY residents are on the lookout for short-term storage solutions. Whether you’re moving into a new home and need a place to temporarily store some of your belongings, renovating your home, or are just trying to declutter and buy some time until you can sell your possessions later, the good news is you have many storage options at your fingertips.
However, suffice to say, not all storage facilities are created equal. Be sure to follow these steps to ensure you find a service that can truly provide what you need:

Think of How Much Space You Need

Storage facilities usually have a wide range of unit sizes, but it’s always best to have a good idea regarding how much space you need for your belongings, and specifically search for the right unit.
You also need to consider how accessible you want your belongings to be, since this will also influence the size of the storage unit. For instance, if you just want a place to keep them for a while, you can get away with a smaller unit where you will stack the different boxes.

The Types of Belongings You’re Storing

Storage units can have different protections in place, such as temperature control, dehumidifiers, and several degrees of security.
You’ll know exactly what sort of protection you need if you simply review the items you want to store. For instance, if you have to store some delicate items that are more environmentally sensitive, then look for a unit with great climate control to avoid damaging your belongings during storage.

The Location

You should also choose a storage unit that’s conveniently located near you. There still be moments where you want to to grab or add something and if the facility is nearby it will be delivered quickly.

So don’t overlook location as a factor when choosing a unit.

The Cost

Storage facilities can range in price, but more so than the cost itself, you should look at the cost-benefit.
Specifically, what’s included in the price, and whether it’s convenient for you to pay that. You may be inclined to opt for the cheapest option, but if the storage facility doesn’t provide the services you need, you may end up spending more later on, either on repairing damages or trying to move your items to a new location.

Term Flexibility

A lot of the time, people will need to extend or shorten their shortage timeline. Plans often change, so to account for this, you should also look for a facility that is a bit more flexible with its terms.
Since it’s short-term storage, you’ll most likely have to pay monthly fees for the storage, similar to how you pay rent. Just make sure that the storage facility has enough units available to accommodate you if you need to leave your belongings there longer than expected.

How Perfect Moving Can Help

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