The Advantages of Short Term Storage

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The Advantages of Short Term Storage

Short-Term Storage in NYC

For those caught between two homes or offices, not sure when the next move will take place, or downsizing from a larger home to a smaller establishment – consider turning to Perfect Moving & Storage for its short term storage plans.

Short-Term Storage Advantages

Short term storage is a type of storage solution where a customer’s belongings are stored in a professional storage facility for a limited amount of time.
In today’s globalized market people are always on the move. Today’s job may relocate to a different city, one’s home may downsize, a business may be in between offices, one never knows what can happen. Luckily Perfect Moving & Storage devised a storage plan that appeals to those in need of a short term solution.
The short term storage option we offer stores furniture, electronics, personal records, office supplies, critical files and documents, college belongings, and more.
Perfect Moving’s short term storage plan has many advantages. Firstly, our movers collect the customer’s belongings and deliver the items to a nearby storage facility. Once the customer calls to reclaim the items, our movers return the items.
“We do all we can to ease the process as much as possible,” said one of the movers.
In addition, Perfect Moving offers no long term commitment, widely accessible storage units, knowledgeable employees, maximum protection and state of the art storage units.
Unlike other moving companies, Perfect Moving offers easy access, climate controlled, clean storage units that protect customers’ treasured belongings. Customers do not have to commit to any time restraint and can use the storage facility for however long they desire.
“We secure customers’ belongings for as short or as long as they wish,” said owner of Perfect Moving & Storage, Rock Katnic.
Short term storage is an ideal solution for those seeking a temporary, quick solution. Perfect Moving provide customers with a flexible option for those in between houses, offices, college dorms and more.
“Last summer I stored my college goods with Perfect Moving & Storage. Their service was extremely helpful and affordable,” said a satisfied customer who wished to remain anonymous.

Short-Term Storage

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