The Perfect Moving Senior Citizen Services

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The Perfect Moving Senior Citizen Services

Senior Citizen Moving in NYC

Moving in general is a cumbersome process, yet even more so for senior citizens. For senior citizens, especially those leaving homes they have enjoyed for decades, moving can be an overwhelming experience. Fortunately Perfect Moving devised a customized moving service tailored specifically for senior citizens.

Moving Services for seniors

Perfect Moving & Storage has developed an exclusive array of senior citizen moving packages designed specifically to deliver extra dignity, extra compassion, and extra customer care.
“Any move has some sort of emotional impact, but I’ve noticed from my experience in the field, that senior citizens find the process of moving a bit more overwhelming and for that reason we have created a special approach to helping them move,” said owner of Perfect Moving & Storage, Rock Katnic.
The Perfect approach begins with a specially trained supervisor who visits the elderly customer to discuss the various aspects of the impending move and to address any of the customer’s concerns.
Following the consultation session, the movers arrive on site to prepare the house for the pending move. The movers carefully pack all the home’s belongings and ensure the items are transported to its new destination in a safe and secure manner.
“Oftentimes the elderly customers are more worried about how we handle their fragile, delicate items,” said a one of the movers.
Unlike its competitors, Perfect Moving offers special discounts that make these moves more affordable than most traditional moves. In addition, our movers treat all their customers with the utmost respect, patience and kindness.
“It can be a scary process to move from a home you’ve lived in all your life to a retirement home or a tiny apartment, and that’s when we come in, we are more than just movers, we listen and help throughout the entire process,” Katnic said.
Perfect Moving & Storage is one of the few moving and storage companies in the greater New York region to offer a service targeted specifically at senior citizens. Perfect Movers ensure elderly customers’ goods will arrive in one piece to wherever they desire.
“My son hired Perfect Moving & Storage to move me to a nearby retirement home. At first I was very scared but after meeting my Perfect Movers I quickly understood they were here to help me,” said a recent customer who wished to remain anonymous.

Senior Citizen Discount

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