Short Checklist for Short-Term Storage

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Short Checklist for Short-Term Storage

Your Short Checklist for Short-Term Storage

When you’re in the middle of the moving processes, there are certainly many to-do items to keep track of. To make the moving process run smoothly, it is important to plan in advance and to have a to-do list at hand. Here, Perfect Moving & Storage, a top-tier moving and storage provider, shares a few tips to help folks considering the services of a short-term storage provider.

Short-Term Storage

Short-term storage serves as an excellent solution to those in the midst of the moving process. Oftentimes, folks who are upgrading to a new home might need to find short-term storage for their items between closings. That said, it is recommended that you ask storage providers a few key questions, and that you do a few things as mentioned below to ensure yourself a smooth storage experience.
Begin by selecting a highly professional storage provider. Unfortunately, today’s market is flooded with unreliable moving and storage businesses. Thus, it’s recommended that you do some research (such as exploring company websites, speaking with friends of family, and checking out Better Business Bureau) before you select a company you can trust with your items.
Many companies, like Perfect Moving & Storage, provide clients with both storage (short- and long-term storage) and moving services. Thus, if you’re looking for both, make sure to work with a company that provides you with everything you need.
It’s also very important to ask your [potential] storage provider about where your items will be stored. Whether they will be in the moving truck or in the company’s storage facilities, it’s best to know exactly where to locate your items.

Inquire with storage providers about temperature-controlled storage facilities. Depending on the kind of items you wish to store and the length of time you wish to store them, it may be advisable to find a storage provider that can keep your items safe in a climate-controlled facility.

When you get a quote from a storage provider, inquire about an additional quote for the potential case in which you need to reschedule pick/delivery time/date. Sometimes, your move-out and move-in times can be altered, meaning that you should have a clear plan at hand in case of any changes.
Purchase storage insurance for your items to cover any losses or damage. If you hire an expert company like Perfect Moving & Storage, the chances of something happening to your items is minimal; however, there is a chance the unexpected could occur–such as a car accident–so it’s always a good idea to have your items fully insured.
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