Reflecting on How We Accumulate Items

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Reflecting on How We Accumulate Items

Perfect Moving Reflects on How We Accumulate Items

Perfect Moving & Storage shares a few thoughts on how to avoid turning your home into a giant storage unit. The company suggests keeping in mind the reflections below as you consider freeing up key spaces in your home.
Perfect Moving & Storage, thanks to many years of experience in the moving and storage field, can offer some advice on how to de-clutter your home, so that moving in the long run is made easier, and so that, simply put, your day to day life at home is more comfortable. The trick is, according to Perfect Moving & Storage, to avoid turning “hot spots” in your home into chaotic storage spaces.

The Basement

Contrary to popular belief, the basement is not a place where you should dump all the things you’re not sure if you should throw away, and yet don’t want to see or use. The basement can be a really great space, if only it were not so cluttered. It can be a space to put a ping pong table, or can be a place to build things or do art. The only way to keep the basement neat is to actually donate/throw away/sell/give away the items which people tend to place there instead.

The Garage

The garage, ideally, is a place to store your car and other times like bikes, tools, and lawn mowers. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to put numerous, unnecessary items into the garage as well, so much so that it sometimes no longer has room for a car. Thus, try to upkeep your garage and treat it like another precious space in your home–otherwise it will turn into a home for undesirable guests like mice and raccoons.

The Bedroom Closet

While we don’t tend to put the same kinds of items into our bedroom closet as we store in our garages and basements, it is still a place where we tend to accumulate unnecessary things. A yearly round of de-cluttering our bedroom closets is a great way to keep our bedrooms fresh and airy. If you discover a sweater you haven’t worn since junior high school, consider creating a donation bag with clothing.

The Spare/Guest Room

The space room, if you happen to have one, can also turn into a storage unit unless you are mindful that it is indeed a very important room with a lot of potential. Consider using that room for an activity you do a lot–such as reading, exercising, and more. That way, the room will be a part of your daily life and will be kept neat and orderly.

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