Excellent Mover vs Average Mover

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Excellent Mover vs Average Mover

What Sets an Excellent Mover Apart from the Average One

Not all movers were created equal. Far from it–many movers are sloppy, and actually ruin your home, (say, your parquet) and never take responsibility for it. Luckily, there are also a handful of truly spectacular movers, like Perfect Moving & Storage, who deliver clients the most professional, hassle-free moves possible.
Most likely, with most professional moving companies, one thing is certain: your house will be empty by the end of the day. But that is by no means the only thing that matters; what is also hugely important is whether or not your moving company left any signs of their presence in the house–such as scratches or damage to the walls. It is in your best interest, surely, to hire a moving company that is as careful, neat, and skilled as possible. Here, Perfect Moving, a premiere relocation company, points out some of the key ways in which excellent companies differ from mediocre ones when it comes to the treatment of your home.


Poor movers will end up scratching your walls and chipping off the paint when moving your furniture. Only skilled, attentive, and patient movers like Perfect Moving will leave your walls untouched.


We have heard of disastrous cases in which inadequate moving companies have destroyed customers’ parquet floors, leaving them with thousands of dollars worth of repairs and failing to take responsibility for their actions. Trustworthy companies like Perfect Moving are insured for these sorts of cases. Thus, they are both significantly less likely to cause damage to your home and they definitely take on responsibility should any issue arise.


The ceiling is another hotspot from damage caused by inattentive movers. There are numerous techniques that our staff has rehearsed and re-rehearsed so as to ensure that no damage–ever a small scratch–is caused to your ceiling.


Windows are an incredibly expensive item to repair. Don’t risk having your window glass shattered or window sills bumped–work with the experts who know how to treat every nook and cranny of your home with the utmost respect.


Your porch has endured years of precipitation, barbeques and sunshine–wouldn’t it be unfortunate if the movers you hire left a long gash through your porch with one unfortunate motion? Every part of your house matters–so make sure you hire movers who fully recognize this.


Lousy movers may destroy your lawn when carrying your heavy items out of your home. Ensure that this doesn’t happen, by hiring our hard working and careful movers. It’s much “easier” and cheaper to be quick and sloppy–but at Perfect Moving, sloppiness is simply unacceptable, and cutting corners is inconceivable.


Like your lawn, your garden and shrubbery is vulnerable to bad movers. That rose patch you cared and tended to for years can be ruined in minutes by a sloppy mover. Make sure it doesn’t happen by hiring only the best–Perfect Moving & Storage.

Thus, most likely, if you hire a professional moving company your old house will end up empty; however, with an expert mover like Perfect Moving, your house will be left untouched whereas with a lousy mover, your house may bear scars: scratched floors, chipped paint and more. Only an outstanding, reputable company like Perfect Moving & Storage will leave no trace in your home, thanks to the staffs’ meticulous attention to detail, careful planning, top-notch moving techniques and excellent communication skills. Most importantly, we are fully insured, so in the very rare case that something happens, we always make sure it is taken care of immediately.

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