Choosing Business Storage: What to Ask

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Choosing Business Storage: What to Ask

Choosing Your Business Storage Provider: What to Ask

Most business storage services providers deliver a host of advantages for the business owner. But to make all this work for you and your business, it helps to know what to look for in a business storage service.

Business Storage

Choosing your business storage provider? Many offer convenient, drive-up access to their storage facilities…a climate-controlled environment to preserve your belongings…24/7 electronic security protocols…pickup and delivery services… convenient lease and payment options…and a friendly, courteous staff. And that’s great! But which provider offers exactly what you need for your business storage requirements? Before you decide, take the crucial first step – research.

is it suitable?

Suitability – What are you storing and why? Are you storing documents, furniture, vehicles, stock or exhibition equipment? Are you storing for the purpose of relocating, downsizing, or just freeing up space? How big do you want your storage unit and how close to your office location do you want it? Furnished or unfurnished. Single- or multi-level? You’ll need to answer these questions and check your answers against what providers are offering.

Is it accessible?

How often do you want to access your items? The more accessibility you want, the closer you’d want your storage unit. A centralized location would be preferable to a distant one. You’d probably also prefer 24/7 access, computerized entrances and PIN code-protected entry so you can access your unit anytime at your convenience.

Is it affordable?

Do your providers’ pricing structure meet your budget needs? Compare the pricing of large-chain storage providers with those of freelance providers. Look for hidden charges; and make sure that providers who charge cheap don’t hit you with ADDITIONAL charges for regular services such as accessibility and security. The best option is to shop around and even ask for referrals.

Is it flexible?

This factor should apply not just to the structure of your storage unit, but to the structure of your lease contract as well. Is your provider open to both short- and long-term leases? Can you opt for a smaller or bigger unit as your needs change in the middle of your contract? What can your provider offer you in terms of payment options?

Does it provide extra perks?

For some business owners, this can be a deal-maker or -breaker! Some business storage providers offer pickup/delivery of your items – and some don’t. Some allow you to have newly bought stock delivered straight to your storage unit – and some don’t. Some provide trolleys and other equipment to help transport and move your belongings. Some even offer organizing services so you can keep efficient records of your files and paperwork. And of course, security levels vary with each provider. Do you want just 24-hour video cameras? Those and safety alarms as well? Or a whole megillah that includes PIN access, security patrols, and other protocols?

Business Storage

Remember, just like in any business investment, the key to getting the right business storage for your company is research, research, research. Before you put down any money, know what you’re getting for it. Learn more about our Full-Service Storage – get a free quote and a 10% discount!