Moving Pianos Without Losing Tune

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Moving Pianos Without Losing Tune

Perfect Moving Offers Advanced Piano Moving Service

Local NYC moving company, Perfect Moving, designs an advanced technique to transport pianos without the pianos losing their tune.

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Perfect Moving has been moving pianos since the company formed over a decade ago, but only recently did the moving company discover an advanced method to transporting customers’ pianos without the pianos losing their tune.

“Recently one of my movers approached me and suggested the technique, as a child he was a pianist and still plays from time-to-time, so I said ‘why not? Let’s start working on further designing the technique’” said Rock Katnic, founder of Perfect Movers.
The New York based moving company implements an intricate method to transporting the giant musical boxes. Katnic explains his movers incorporate a crane and an advanced window removal strategy, they then lift the piano onto the truck and use various tools to carry the piano into its new home.
In a recent example, Perfect Moving & Storage tested their new technique on a New Jersey family who decided to relocate to New York City.
“It was a very tricky moving project because the family was moving from a suburban house into a New York City typical cramped apartment,” Rock said. “We had to employ various tools to transport their piano in perfect condition.”
Perfect Movers implemented their new technique and successfully transported the 540-pound piano to its new home, its tuning remained untouched.
Perfect Moving & Storage ensure that when transporting pianos they wrap the pianos to protect the edges from bumping against doorways and walls. In addition, the movers cover the soundboard to reduce the rate of heat loss and gain, and to protect from humidity.
“We take all precautions necessary when transporting pianos, when customers hire our services, they can rely on us, their pianos will remain scratch free and perfectly tuned,” Katnic said.
Perfect Moving is the company to turn to when moving locally. The company’s trained movers guide their customers throughout the entire moving process and offer several services that other moving companies simply don’t offer. With Perfect Moving & Storage customers benefit from a professional staff, affordable prices, professional packing services, and bonded insurance programs.
“I turned to Perfect Moving when I moved from one New York City apartment to another,” said a recent Perfect Moving & Storage customer who wished to remain anonymous.” Even though the distance between the two apartments was not very far, the movers still had to face tight quarters, traffic and strict parking rules. Yet regardless of all the challenges they carefully moved my belongings.”

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