A Full 'Full-Service Moving' Explanation

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A Full 'Full-Service Moving' Explanation

Full-Service Moving in NYC

What exactly is full-service moving

What is ‘Full-Service’ moving? You may see it listed as one of many moving options on many companies’ websites and lists of services. You certainly have seen it here on the Perfect Moving site. So, what exactly does it mean? Which situations are ideal ones to choose full-service over regular moving, and when could full-service moving be the right choice for you?
The meaning of ‘full-service’ moving is right there in the title, ‘Full-Service’. When you choose to receive full-service moving, it means that the entire moving process, from beginning to end and everything in between, is carefully done and catered to us by our Perfect Moving team.
Are you interested in or need a mover that will completely move you into your new home or office without you having to do so much as even lift a finger? If that’s the case, then full-service moving may be for you! Aside from speaking with the movers beforehand to explain the details of what needs to be moved, the customer literally does not have to do a single thing in regards to the moving process.
In full-service moving, every single step is accounted for and taken care of by us and our team. That includes, if necessary, bringing moving boxes, tape, and packing supplies, then organizing and packing your things for you, disassembling furniture and appliances, loading and moving (as would happen in any successful moving job), and then unloading, unpacking, and setting up your new home for you. Full-service moving is more expensive and time-consuming than a regular move of its size would be, but it can be an ideal option for anyone who, for whatever reasons, cannot do any of the moving steps themselves.

Who would use full-service moving?

A full-service move is going to cost you more than a regular move, as there are more moving parts (so to speak) and more work, time, and planning needed by the movers for the job. That being said, it is often that a full-service move is the better option, and no matter what, you should never hesitate or feel embarrassed if full-service is, indeed, the right move for you.
At the end of the day, anyone can find themselves in a situation in which they would benefit from full-service moving. It’s very possible that you are in the process of moving your family to a new home and your schedules are just so busy that there is no time to properly pack or unpack your things.
You may have crucial things to be doing with work, projects, school, children, or all of the above. Your time is valuable and precious, and if we can save it by giving you full-service moving, thereby allowing you to work on your more important tasks, then we’re absolutely all for it!
You may also be moving, but a slew of contexts and circumstances are prohibiting you from doing the necessary work packing and organizing (and later unpacking and organizing again.) It’s entirely possible that you (or the one needing the move) isn’t in a state where they’re physically able to do the move. If one is physically disabled, ill, or in any other state where packing and unpacking boxes for the move is not a realistic possibility, full-service moving is the perfect option! You can have your entire move done with a metaphorical snap of your fingers!

Why Perfect Moving is king of full-service moving

Whatever your reasons may be for choosing to go with full-service moving (and they’re all justified!), you’re not going to find a better full-service mover than with your friends at Perfect Moving. As a moving company, we pride ourselves on having a team of movers who are all masters of the craft, able and capable of any moving challenge, and who will treat all customers with the respect, dignity, and help that they deserve.
A full-service move requires that so many steps go absolutely perfect and on time; not a feat or task to be taken lightly. However, our trained and dedicated team will handle it all perfectly, just like the pros we are. We are excited to show off what we can do and display to you just how simple and seamless (from the customer’s perspective) a full-service move can and will be.


Now that you have a full idea of what exactly goes into a full-service move (i.e., everything), you may be wondering who can handle a move like that to precision, especially time and time again. We at Perfect Moving are excited to prove to you that no matter the circumstances, size, or needs of the job, you can rest assured that we will execute to perfection. Why would you ever risk moving with someone else?
Move with Perfect Moving to fulfill all of your full-service moving needs.