Deciding when/why full-service moving is right for you

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Deciding when/why full-service moving is right for you

Full-Service Moving in NYC

Why full-service may or may not be the right choice

Full-service moving is a big decision. Moving in general is a big decision, regardless of the size, specifications, distance, and cost. It’s a whole ordeal and a half. Add in the fact that full-service moving changes the planning and price, it becomes a much bigger decision. Is full-service the right choice for your next move, however? We’d have to add up a few factors and give some general information and ‘warning’, if you will.
Full-service moving is exactly as it sounds, a moving service where you don’t have to physically do as much as lift an eyebrow or finger. As long as you speak to us clearly when scheduling and planning the move so our movers know what the job entails, every active part of the move will be taken care of by the moving team. That means literally every single item (if so desired) will be organized, disassembled, packed, moved, reassembled, unpacked, and reorganized by our moving team.
While this may sound like an absolute vacation and/or moving customer’s paradise, there is one major caveat that cannot be ignored when dealing with the almighty full-service move: The Price. Be warned that no matter the mover, even one with fair and direct pricing like Perfect Moving, the price of full-service moving will be significantly higher than a regular move where you do your own packing. A full-service move adds significant time, organization, and labor on behalf of the movers, and it will show as much in what you pay. It may very well be worth it, but it is something that is worth the thought and calculation.

When full-service is the better choice

Now that you know about the rise in price from regular moving to full-service moving, the question of whether to choose full-service becomes a little tougher and significantly more complicated. However, that does not mean that full-service moving is always, to say, a waste of money, or not the right choice for you and your moving needs.
If you are in an unexpected situation and have to move yourself and your family (or even just yourself, no worries) at the last second and have absolutely no time in your schedule to pack, then it might be wiser to pay the extra fees and go full-service. If you need to keep your business completely running on all gears and have no time to physically prepare for an unexpected move and the costs of manpower for packing would outweigh productivity, it may be time, as well, to go with full-service.
Of course, if physical or other limitations make it exceedingly painful, difficult, or impossible for you or your loved ones to pack their things, then full-service may very well be the best way forward. Remember, when you choose Perfect Moving for full-service moving, you’re now guaranteeing yourself a perfect move in every facet and for every step of the way, and with fair, honest, and transparent pricing.

Why Perfect Moving is ALWAYS the right choice

It isn’t a cut and dry scenario when you have to decide on full-service moving or not. What is, however, the clear and correct option, is to always trust Perfect Moving with your next big move, whether regular or full-service. We are proud to stand a cut above all competition when it comes to quality of work, quality of customer service, and quality of us as a business and moving institution.
If you’re in a situation where full-service is necessary or better for you, your family, your loved ones, or your business, then you need a mover whose impeccable service, quick time, and outstanding character will make every penny worth it for you. You can search long and hard for that perfect mover (and doing your research when choosing a mover is always recommended!), but we guarantee that no other company even approaches the level of service given by the outstanding Perfect Moving moving team.
We promise that we will give the fairest prices for the big job, we will never surprise you with any unexpected or unethical fees, we will bring the highest quality moving supplies to pack and move your items in to ensure that everything stays completely safe throughout the entire process, and we will give you the perfect moving balance of speedy and secure, efficient work, through each and every step of the moving process.


We welcome you to search for a better full-service mover: leave no stone unturned and no Yelp review unread. At Perfect Moving, we’re confident that you’ll find us as the full-service mover to trust, because we work endlessly and tirelessly to constantly perfect our craft, and we love what we do. When you go full-service, be sure never to skimp on quality and only hire the best of the best; someone whose work is top-notch and whose prices are fair, always clear, and with no unpleasant surprises or added fees. That’s what you deserve and that’s the Perfect Moving way.
Make your full-service move the best one for you when you do it with Perfect Moving.