Here's What to Pack in Your Essentials Boxes When Moving In Sunnyside

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Here's What to Pack in Your Essentials Boxes When Moving In Sunnyside

What to Include in Your Moving Essentials Boxes

You’ve finally found the perfect apartment in Sunnyside— one with a killer view, perfect location, and spacious kitchen (ah, adulting). You’re so excited to move that you can barely contain yourself. But before you can start packing, there’s one important task that you need to take care of first: packing an essentials box.
Packing an essentials box may seem tedious, but it’s a crucial step in the moving process. Packing an essentials box can help you save time and energy. When you know exactly what you need for your first few days in your new place, you can avoid spending time rummaging through boxes or running to the store for last-minute items. Packing an essentials box can also help reduce stress during the moving process. So what exactly should you pack in your essentials box? Here’s a list of items that are sure to come in handy:

It's Time to Pack Your Essentials Box

Kitchen Essentials

One of the most important rooms in any home is the kitchen. Not only is it where we prepare our meals, but it’s also often the heart of the home, where family and friends gather to share a meal or just catch up. When you’re moving into a new home, it’s important to make sure that your kitchen is up and running as soon as possible. To do this, you’ll need to include some kitchen items in your Moving Essentials Box. The key is to focus on the essentials — those items that you need to get by for a few days until you unpack everything else.
For example, you’ll need plates and utensils for meals, as well as a few basic cooking supplies like pots and pans. You should also pack essential food items like cereal, coffee, and snacks. And don’t forget the essential small appliances, like a coffee-maker, toaster oven, and microwave.


Toiletries are another moving essentials that you’ll need to pack in your box. So, what toiletries should you include in your essential box? First, toothpaste and a toothbrush. Second, shampoo, soap and conditioner. You may not be able to take a shower right away, but it’s always good to have these on hand. If you wear makeup, don’t forget to pack your beauty essentials!


Clothes are obviously a necessity, so be sure to pack plenty of them. But not just any clothes–be sure to include a set of pajamas for the night and a change of clothes for the next morning. Comfortable flip-flops are also a must-have; you’ll want something cozy to slip on after a long day of unpacking boxes. Finally, depending on the time of year, don’t forget to pack a sweater or jacket.


Bedding is also essential for your move. After all, you’ll need something to sleep on, right? But don’t just pack any old sheets and blankets, be sure to include your favorites. That way, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep in your new home from the very first night. And don’t forget to pack some pillows! Moving is exhausting, so you’ll want to be well-rested when it’s all over.

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