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You simply cannot find a better moving and storage company in The Bronx or the surrounding area. Don’t just take our word for it, our reviews speak for themselves and are available on our reviews page.
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From the South Bronx, to Yankee Stadium, to Kingsbridge and Riverdale, we’ve been around the block. We’ve completed thousands of moves, provided storage solutions and, of course, cheered on our favorite baseball teams.

Whether you’re a long-time Bronx resident moving a few blocks away, a newcomer to the area, or packing your bags for a new locale, chances are that you could use some extra hands to make your relocation easier. We’re licensed and insured to help with your moving needs. Call us now for a free quote from one of the best Bronx moving companies!

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Northwest Bronx Neighborhoods

Moving in Bronx Bedford Park
Bedford Park
From farmland to a wealthy community, Bedford Park has developed and grown in different ways. If you are looking to move into this neighborhood that has so much history to it, we are a perfect choice. Perfect Moving is familiar to the places in the area and can help anyone move there and do it in the best and the most stress-free way.
Moving in Bronx Belmont Arthur Avenue
Belmont (Arthur Avenue)
This area in the Bronx has a lot of art and entertainment background as it was chosen for artists to be a part of their work. We understand there is art in everything we do, and that is why we offer our state-of-the-art services to anyone who has decided to move into a neighborhood with so many stories to tell. And we will help you be a part of those stories with the best moving services.
Moving in Bronx Fordham
Fordham is part of the western Bronx neighborhoods and has its colonial imprints almost everywhere. Old parts and new parts in the area merge perfectly, welcoming anyone interested in what the area has to offer. With our traditional values and updated moving systems, we will make sure your move to the neighborhood is just as perfect.
Moving in Bronx Jerome Park
Jerome Park
Moving in the Bronx to the Jerome Park area? We have your needs covered. This neighborhood is located between two of the most important educational institutions in the Bronx. Its name is after Leonard W. Jerome, a very wealthy citizen in Brooklyn. Perfect Moving will be there for you to make sure all your belongings reach your new home safely. With Perfect Moving, you can just sit back and relax while we take care of the rest.
Moving in Bronx Kingsbridge
This residential neighborhood in the northern part of the Bronx is your stairway to homes of merchants, growing businesses, and developed infrastructures to fit many needs. We will provide you with the same developed infrastructure that our company has grown over the years to make sure your move to Kingsbridge will go impeccably. Our private moving services will for sure meet your needs.
Moving in Bronx Kingsbridge Heights
Kingsbridge Heights
Do you want to experience a more multicultural environment? Then Kingsbridge Heights is the right choice for you. This neighborhood offers new apartments for new lives and new people that decided to give it a try. We know this area very well and our diverse staff will be able to assist you at any moment during your move to the neighborhood.
Moving in Bronx Van Cortlandt Village
Van Cortlandt Village
Van Cortlandt Village is part of the Kingsbridge neighborhood and is ready to welcome you with its parks on the north and east side. If you are looking for Bronx movers to handle your moving needs and get all your belongings safely to Van Cortlandt Village, then we are ready to help you. Get a quote from us today and we will make sure our best services will be available for you, while you enjoy the nature around.
Moving in Bronx Marble Hill
Marble Hill
Marble Hill will give you both Manhattan and the Bronx, and how cool is that? But, we bet you’re now thinking about how stressful and time-consuming moving is. Perfect Moving can give you both stress-free and time-saving moving and an amazing opportunity to move to your new neighborhood with more time to enjoy what it has to offer. Moving to a peaceful area with peaceful energy and attitude it’s what Perfect Moving is about.
Moving in Bronx Norwood
This Bronx neighborhood has plenty of Irish touches as it was the area with the largest Irish population a few decades ago. Nowadays, Norwood offers anyone moving here a residential neighborhood with lots of bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and parks. We would like to help you move there. And while we take care of moving to Norwood for you, you can enjoy a cup of coffee in a nice park and explore the area. Just take a look at the services we provide and pick what you need. We are here to help you.
Moving in Bronx Riverdale
Riverdale, with its appealing and charming vibe, offers a safe and quiet place for families and not only. You can enjoy outdoor activities here and easy access to other areas thanks to great connections. And to keep the same note, Perfect Moving will help you transition to Riverdale with the same tranquility that you will find there.
Moving in Bronx Central Riverdale
Central Riverdale
Keeping the same vibe as Riverdale, Central Riverdale will offer all new residents the same peacefulness and many enjoyable activities during the day and night. Broadway awaits, as well as the amazing park. We also keep the same vibe if you want us to help you move there. Perfect Moving knows the secrets of the city, and we will make sure they will work in your favor.
Moving in Bronx Fieldston
Exclusive Bronx moving services for an exclusive neighborhood, that is how Perfect Moving adapts to any situation and any moving characteristics. Take a breath of fresh air while walking around the new area of your new home, and we will manage the boxes and all your items for you. As simple and amazing as that. Look at our list of services and let us know how we can help.
Moving in Bronx Hudson Hill
Hudson Hill
This historic area of the Bronx has a lot to offer to anyone that decides to start a new life here. With inspiring surroundings, this is a neighborhood that breathes history and beauty. We can help you become a part of this historical landscape and we offer the possibility for you to move there without the worries of moving logistics. We are prepared for any situation and challenge.
Moving in Bronx North Riverdale
North Riverdale
Perfect Moving will take you closer to the sky to North Riverdale. We will take you to one of the best places to live and we can help you move there without hassle or worry. Our services are stress-free and time-saving. This way, you can start a new life without worrying about the process of moving. You just relax and enjoy exploring the area and we will do the job the best way we know-how.
Moving in Bronx Spuyten Duyvil
Spuyten Duyvil
Since the first ideas of development in the area, Spuyten Duyvil has continued to grow and expand, welcoming new neighbors. If this is your area of choice to live, we can support you through the moving process with our own developed moving services, so that you can get acquainted with your new neighborhood without thinking of boxes, storage, and other moving logistics.
Moving in Bronx University Heights
University Heights
Home to an institution of higher education and located on heights, University Heights is a liberal place where a lot of people have found their homes in. If you are one of those people, we can take you there with our Perfect Moving services so that you can experience your new life and neighborhoods from the heights without thinking about all you have to do. Leave that to us.
Moving in Bronx Woodland Heights
Woodlawn Heights
Working-class neighborhood, Woodlawn Heights keeps the Irish spirit alive, and you can see it in the number of Irish pubs and restaurants in the area. Do you want to enjoy the charm of this neighborhood? We can offer you that possibility if you let us be in charge of your moving arrangements. Get your free quote today and we can start the moving process while you start your new life.

Southwest (South) Bronx Neighborhoods

Moving in Bronx Bathgate
Moving in the Bronx to the Bathgate neighborhood? No matter if you’re temporarily relocating to a new apartment, or found the perfect place for you and your family, Perfect Moving is at your service! Our residential moving services are here to assist all new Bronx residents to successfully relocate to this area hassle-free.
Moving in Bronx Claremont
Claremont offers residents a nice and quiet living without a lot of fuss. If you’re thinking about moving to this area, you’ll need a team of Bronx movers to help you settle in. And that’s us! As a local moving company, Perfect Moving is ready to help you with all your residential moving needs and ensure you get to relocate to Claremont successfully!
Moving in Bronx Concourse
Want to move to the Bronx and also make sure you’re really close to the Yankee stadium? Then Concourse is the perfect relocation destination! And Perfect Moving is here to help you settle in nicely into your new home, with full-service moving that will ensure you won’t have to lift a finger. Turn to us for residential and commercial moving services done right!
Moving in Bronx East Tremont
East Tremont
Moving to East Tremont? Then be sure to collaborate with a local team of movers who can help you transition to your new home without a problem! Perfect Moving is happy to assist you with all your residential moving needs and help you get settled into your new home with a variety of services designed for your convenience.
Moving in Bronx Highbridge
Found the perfect spot for your family or business in Highbridge, the Bronx? Perfect Moving is ready to help you move to the area! Our team of skilled and insured technicians is by the phone and ready to lend a hand with everything you need, from moving and hauling to packing, unpacking, junk removal, and even various installation services!
Moving in Bronx Hunts Point
Hunts Point
The Bronx is full of rich history, and Hunts Point is no exception. If you’re planning to relocate to this rich-filled area, then consider this team of Bronx movers to help! Perfect Moving offers reliable and affordable commercial and residential moving services that can help you settle into your new place without worry.
Moving in Bronx Longwood
Longwood’s musical heritage attracts many artists every single year, and if that sounds like you and you’re relocating to this area, we at Perfect Moving can help you move in hassle-free! As a team of Bronx Movers, we know our way around the area and will handle your musical instrument moving needs with great care to ensure they arrive at your new studio in pristine condition.
Moving in Bronx Foxhurst
Roughly ​​two miles east of the Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Museum of the Arts lies Foxhurst, a lovely Bronx neighborhood you may soon call home. If you are, then let Perfect Moving help you move into your new place! Our Bronx moving services can be a great asset for you and your family or your business.
Moving in Bronx Woodstock
Woodstock’s been the go-to place for artists even before the festival made the name famous. While it’s still very much the artistic center of the Bronx, many people are moving to the area thanks to its access to big city amenities and quiet residential life. Perfect Moving’s a team of Bronx movers that can help you settle into your new Woodstock home!
Moving in Bronx Melrose
California isn’t the only place that has its own Melrose – check out the one in the Bronx! It offers great access to the city and a nice urban residential feel that attracts lots of young families. Consider Perfect Moving your team of Melrose movers, ready to lend a hand with everything you need for a hassle-free relocation!
Moving in Bronx Morris Heights
Morris Heights
The birthplace of hip hop in the 70s is still a popular moving destination to this day! If you’re moving to Morris Heights, then this team of Bronx movers is here to lend a hand with everything you need! From residential moving services to commercial, specialty items moving, and even installation services, Perfect Moving offers an A-Z moving experience!
Moving in Bronx Morrisania
Morrisania has had quite a few rough spots throughout its history, but it’s no denying that today the community is bouncing back as one of its places to be in the Bronx. Perfect Moving is your team of Bronx Movers that can help you and your family move into a new place in Morrisania without having to worry at all about the logistics!
Moving in Bronx Crotona Park East
Crotona Park East
Moving to Crotona Park East in the Bronx? Perfect Moving is at your service! As a Bronx Moving company, we are in a unique position to help businesses and families relocate to this area swiftly and easily. Our services include everything from packing to loading and unpacking, system installation, and even junk removal should you need it!
Moving in Bronx Mott Haven
Mott Haven
One of the safest neighborhoods in the Bronx attracts many new residents each year. If you’re planning to move to Mott Haven, this local team of Bronx movers is ready to lend a hand! Perfect moving is the ideal choice no matter what type of move you’re going for: residential, small, or even urgent moves where you need your belongings relocated ASAP.
Moving in Bronx Port Morris
Port Morris
Port Morris has seen many of its old factories and industrial buildings converted into lofts, which means many more living spaces for people wishing to relocate to the area. Perfect Moving is a team of movers in Port Morris, the Bronx, ready to lend a hand with everything you need. We’ll make sure you and your family don’t have to lift a finger to settle into your new home.
Moving in Bronx The Hub
The Hub
Business is always booming in The Hub, so if your Bronx business needs a reliable moving partner to help it always get its supplies on time, look no further than Perfect Moving! Our commercial moving services in The Hub can be a great asset for your business. With convenient rates and a professional and dedicated team, there is nothing we can’t successfully deliver to your doorstep.
Moving in Bronx Tremont
Relocating to Tremont and need the help of a team of Bronx movers? You’ve just described us in the letter! Perfect Moving is at your service with affordable and reliable Tremont moving services designed for your convenience. Turn to us no matter if you’re in a pinch for time and need urgent moves, or are relocating with your entire family.
Moving in Bronx Fairmount
If you’ve found the perfect place in Fairmount for you and your family, don’t concern yourself with the difficult task of planning your own move! Perfect Moving offers you an easy way out with our Fairmount moving services designed to help you relocate without a sweat. Our friendly and capable team of technicians is by the phone and up for any challenge!
Moving in Bronx Mount Eden
Mount Eden
Looking for apartment moving services in Mount Eden? You’ve come to the right place! Perfect Moving’s large array of services is specially designed to help you move to your new home hassle-free! We personalize all our services around our clients’ unique needs, so you can rest assured you’re in very good hands with our local Bronx movers.
Moving in Bronx Mount Hope
Mount Hope
Plan to call Mount Hope your new home soon? Before you start packing, be sure to give Perfect Moving a call for help! As a local team of movers, we can help you move to Mount Hope swiftly and affordably. Our services can tackle every single part of the moving process, including packing your belongings securely to make sure they arrive in pristine condition.
Moving in Bronx West Farms
West Farms
The community in West Farms is about to get an influx of new residents thanks to all the multi-unit townhouses and apartment buildings appearing in this Bronx area. If you’ve already found the perfect place for you and your family, Perfect Moving is happy to help you move in! We’re a team of Bronx movers who know exactly the kind of support you need for a hassle-free move.

Northeast Bronx Neighborhoods

Moving in Bronx Allerton

The Allerton neighborhood has to offer a lot of recreational areas to its neighbors. New York Botanical Garden can also be found in the area, and what a breath of fresh air if you have decided to move there. Not so much of a breather when it comes to moving and packing, but you do not have to worry about that if you have Perfect Moving helping you. Just enjoy, we take care of your boxes for you.

Moving in Bronx Bronxwood
Bronxwood, south in Allerton, is part of the Bronx neighborhoods that Perfect Moving knows and handles very well. And if you are moving to the area, but the process of it is overwhelming, we are here to offer you a helping hand thanks to our familiarity with these neighborhoods. We know the tricks and you can benefit from that.
Moving in Bronx Laconia
You are moving to Laconia and you just don’t know where to start or how to manage all the moving arrangements. Do not worry about that because Perfect Moving has a list of services that will help you move to your new home without worry. You can get stress-free moving services from us to you. Just visit us and you can check it out.
Moving in Bronx Baychester
Located in the Northeast Bronx, Baychester is on our moving services map. Are you and your family moving to this neighborhood, but you feel overwhelmed about all that you have to do? No need. We have full moving services all around the city. Get a free quote from us and enjoy your new home with a peaceful and rested mind. We take care of the rest.
Moving in Bronx Bronxdale
When you move to Bronxdale you are closer to the Victorian era with the apartments transformed from that time. Bronxdale also comes with a lot of history. And if you move there for sure you are excited about it. Maybe not so much when you think about all you have to do to get there, and about all the packing and moving. Here enters Perfect Moving with our amazing list of services so that you can enjoy what this neighborhood has to offer.
Moving in Bronx City Island
City Island
How adventurous to move to an island in the Bronx? But maybe not so much when you think of all the moving you have to do. It can be exhausting. But you can rest and enjoy your island life while we take care of the moving for you. Want to know more about how we can assist you with your move? Just check our Perfect Moving services.
Moving in Bronx Co-op City
Co-op City
Is the largest cooperative apartment complex ever built now part of your life? Or will it soon be, and the excitement is overwhelming? But when you think about having to move all your belongings to this cool part of the city it kind of makes you nervous. But Perfect Moving is also cool because we can help you get there worry-free. You can have the best moving experience with us, so get in touch and let’s get you to Co-op City.
Moving in Bronx Eastchester
Eastchester meets Westchester, and somewhere in the neighborhood, you have met your new home. And what better way to get there than with the best moving company that meets your needs. At Perfect Moving, we are your helping hand to get you to your new place fast. Contact us to get a free quote and if you need any other information, we are here for you. You can call and talk to us about your moving needs.
Moving in Bronx Edenwald
Being a part of the Edenwald community and starting a new life there and new projects is now a reality for you. And because we also believe in the power of community, we offer our moving services so that you can enjoy a Perfect Moving and stress-free transition to your new life. How nice is it to think about your new life and let all the moving arrangements to us?
Moving in Bronx Pelham Gardens
Pelham Gardens
Pelham Gardens and its diverse economy, a variety of services, and people with different backgrounds are waiting for you to add to the landscape. And to do that, Perfect Moving is ready to help you transport all your belongings there with the experience and knowledge we have of the neighborhood and how moving works. Just call us or use this link to get a free quote and we are ready to help you start your new life. Moving to a safe place with the safety of our services is the perfect combination.
Moving in Bronx Pelham Parkway
Pelham Parkway
Right in the middle of The Bronx, Pelham Parkway and its parkway that goes to East Bronx is one connection. And to get there, you can connect with us, and we will help you move hassle-free. We know The Bronx and how it is connected, and we are sure we are the perfect choice for your move there.
Moving in Bronx Wakefield
Wakefield invites you to go for walks and explore the neighborhood in a relaxed and fun way. But if you are moving there, getting all your belongings to your new place might not be as fun and relaxing as walking on the streets of Wakefield. But you can leave that to us as we know what we are doing, and you can take the streets of your new neighborhood and get acquainted with them. For the rest, there is Perfect Moving.
Moving in Bronx Washingtonville
There is absolutely no neighborhood in NYC Perfect Moving cannot handle. We know them all, we have the knowledge for helping our clients move stress-free and we know the city. So, if you are moving to Washingtonville, that is part of our expertise. You can just sit back and enjoy your new life or do the bare minimum. We will be in charge of the heavy load.
Moving in Bronx Williamsbridge
With Co-Op buildings and filled with history, Williamsbridge is a charming neighborhood to move into. But what about the moving itself? Boxes, transportation, safety, and all other details that involve moving can be overwhelming. That is not so charming. But some professionals can help you move and not worry about all that. And that is where Perfect Moving comes in. Get in touch with us and we can arrange your moving details so that you can enjoy the charm of your new place.
Moving in Bronx Olinville
Olinville, part of the Williamsbridge neighborhood, is where Perfect Moving can take you in case you have decided to move there. Our company has a lot of experience with moving around, and if Olinville is your choice, we will help you move there. Our purpose is to make your move easy for you. If you want, you can also get a quote for free. Moving can be different, and we help make the difference.

Southeast Bronx Neighborhoods

Moving in Bronx River
Bronx River
Are you thinking about moving to the Bronx River? Then you will be in excellent company as this is an up-and-coming neighborhood. And, if you are looking for someone to make the process of moving easier, then Perfect Moving is the right choice. We know this neighborhood by heart and can help you relocate stress-free.
Moving in Bronx Bruckner
Ready to move to Bruckner? This neighborhood has everything you need – parks, cafes, restaurants, and an expressway to connect you to the rest of the city. And, if you are looking for Bronx moving services that can help you move to your new home as fast as the Bruckner Expressway, Perfect Moving is here to assist you.
Moving in Bronx Clason Point
Clason Point
With its narrow streets, colonial buildings, and diverse community, Clason Point is a welcoming neighborhood. Perfect Moving can make your relocation even more welcoming by taking the hassle out of moving. Our services are diverse and can cover everything from packing, loading, and storage. Check out our list of services here and let us make your move to Clason Point easier.
Moving in Bronx Country Club
Country Club
With its charming waterfront house, well-kept buildings, and countless amenities and recreation options, it’s no wonder that so many are attracted to the residential neighborhood of Country Club. Perfect Moving is your ideal team of Bronx movers that can offer stellar and complete services.
Moving in Bronx Harding Park
Harding Park
This vibrant and friendly melting pot has one of the best Manhattan skylines in the entire New York. If you fell in love with Harding Park and its friendly and peaceful community, then we can help you settle in. Moving is already hard, but we can make this process a bit easier by taking care of all the tasks while you can focus on exploring the beautiful neighborhood of Harding Park.
Moving in Bronx Morris Park
Morris Park
Morris Park has a large Italian community and you can feel it in its vibes. Whenever there’s an important soccer game, the streets become alive. If you want to be part of this energetic and lively community, then Perfect Moving can help you relocate. Our services are complete and we can assist you with pretty much everything you need.
Moving in Bronx Parkchester
Did you know that the name Parkchester is a combination of the two neighborhoods surrounding this area – Park Versailles and Westchester. A relatively new neighborhood, you can live here without having to ever step outside its borders as you have everything you need here. Relocating to Parkchester? We can help! Whether we’re talking about a residential move or a commercial one, we can handle the details of your move with professionalism and ease.
Moving in Bronx Park Versailles
Park Versailles
While not as majestic as the famous Park Versailles in France, this Bronx neighborhood definitely has its charm. Consider Perfect Moving as your team of Bronx movers. We have extensive experience with Bronx moving and can plan, organize, and execute your move from A to Z without fail.
Moving in Bronx Pelham Bay
Pelham Bay
Unlike what the name suggests, you won’t find any large body of water in this neighborhood. But, you will find a tidy and friendly community and an interesting mix of urban and suburban. If you are about to move to Pelham Bay, then you should let Perfect Moving help you with the process. Our Bronx moving services can take some of the pressure off your shoulders so you can focus on other aspects of your move.
Moving in Bronx Soundview
Also known as the “gateway to the Bronx River,” Soundview is a pretty green neighborhood. The Soundview Park has plenty of baseball and basketball fields and it’s the place where a lot of residents gather during the weekend. If you are about to move to Soundview, then you can count on Perfect Moving’s services to help you through this hectic and exciting time.
Moving in Bronx Schuylerville
Also known as “Skyville,” this Bronx neighborhood has won its place in history. An important battle during the Revolution was fought and won here, one that turned the entire event. Nowadays, Schuylerville is home to both historical and modern buildings and it’s a great place to live in the Bronx. If you are on the verge of relocating there, Perfect Moving can assist you with your move.
Moving in Bronx Throgs Neck
Throgs Neck
Its relaxed and friendly vibes as well as the well-kept homes, some of them facing the water and Throgs Neck Bridge, have made many consider moving here. If you are among those who decided to call this neighborhood your new home, then you will need a team of experienced Bronx movers to help you navigate this area. We are Perfect Moving and we are ready to assist you with all your moving needs.
Moving in Bronx Edgewater Park
Edgewater Park
A beautiful, historic neighborhood nestled along the Long Island Sound, Edgewater Park is a great place to live. Although, not without its problems, its community is working hard to address all the issues that could affect this charming place. Perfect Moving is your trusted partner when it comes to moving to the Bronx. We know every street and corner in this neighborhood and can make your move a simple and enjoyable experience.
Moving in Bronx Unionport
You won’t ever get bored in Unionport as it’s a densely populated neighborhood. Although the community isn’t as tight, the great diversity is enchanting. There’s always great pleasure in meeting new people from different corners of the world and this is sure to happen on a regular basis when living in Unionport. The only thing left now is to get in touch with Perfect Moving and learn about our Bronx moving services and what we can do to help you.
Moving in Bronx Castle Hill
Castle Hill
A number of projects targeted at renewing Castle Hill at the beginning of the 2000s have made more people flock to this neighborhood. With plenty of green spaces and good connections, this is a good neighborhood to live in for both young professionals and small families. You can count on Perfect Moving to make the moving process seamless. We can take care of every aspect of moving for you, from packing, loading, and transporting your belongings to storing them. Just check out our services and see what you need.
Moving in Bronx Van Nest
Van Nest
From “Mud West” to “Five Corners” to “The Sunken City,” Van Nest has had many nicknames during its existence. But, this working-class neighborhood is quite welcoming and friendly and you will make a great living here. Perfect Moving wants to help make your start as smooth as possible. That’s why we’ve created a complete list of Bronx moving services so that we can address every need.
Moving in Bronx Westchester Heights
Westchester Heights
A unique and bold architectural design is what stands apart when you first step into Westchester Heights. Safe, friendly, and well connected to the city, this is a great place for people trying to mix the fast pace of NYC with a more laid-back style. You won’t have to wait too long for us to have your belongings packed and moved into your new home. We are fast, efficient, and experienced. Check out our services and see what Perfect Moving can do for you.
Moving in Bronx Westchester Square
Westchester Square
Although most buildings here are modern, you can still find some pieces of history. Westchester Square is a place that combines the old and the new subtly and that’s one of the things that make it such an appealing neighborhood. At Perfect Moving, we prefer to keep our services modern and up to date with your current needs. From commercial to residential Bronx moving services, we are here to help you.

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It was an incredible experience - the movers (Leonardo and Lilian) were on time, very professional and cooperative. They made it all so easy for us. We would rate the move as 5 star. The customer service was diligent and followed up on the move multiple times to make the move goes smoothly, which it definitely did.
Kanupriya Vats
Perfect Moving
Best moving service I've worked with in NYC in 10 years. Courteous, communicative, efficient, covid-safe, very friendly and fun. My moving team truly made a stressful day a fun one. Additionally, the company's overall communication from inquiring about the estimate, to booking, to confirmation, to on-site, and closing out the job - they certainly live up to their name - it was perfect.
Shana Barry
Perfect Moving
Nikola and his team completely rocked my moving requirements. They arrived early. Worked very fast and very efficiently. They sorted all my boxes by category at the storage location and sent me photos and videos which was very helpful and time saving. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a fast and efficient moving solution.
Tim Ford
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Perfect Moving is great. Nick is the best he is very helpful. Professional kind attentive. I recommend the place very much. I’ll contact them again! They are awesome
Flor Cruz
Perfect Moving
I have unfortunately moved (8 times in 8 years) and I have to say that this is hands down the best moving company I have used. Rush and the team showed up on time and had my stuff pack and moved out in a few hours...they actually had us moved in a few hours ahead of our projected schedule which gave us time to go grab dinner. I'm bummed that I found them while leaving NYC but will definitely be recommending them to friends who are local.
Colby Ryan
Perfect Moving
Perfect moving was literally just that! The team was on time, super clear, considerate, and super quick! 10/10 for sure and would definitely use you guys again for future moves! Rush was AMAZING! And communicated everything so clear and concise. He really took all the stress and anxiety of moving away. Thanks for all your help!
Matthew Quiles
Perfect Moving
I honestly could not have asked for a better moving experience. Rush and his team where fast, efficient, careful, and friendly. I was in awe at how fast they were able to get everything out while still wrapping and packing everything so carefully and thoughtfully. We were completely done in a couple of hours and everything arrived without a scratch. It's the first time I use Perfect Moving but certainly won't be the last and I would definitely ask for Rush again. 10/10
Javier Ramos
Perfect Moving
Everything was just perfect. Tasko was so responsive and accommodating and the movers were just great. They confirmed everything the day before and on the day of our move. Movers arrived on time. They were so helpful and also very quick. It was a studio apartment and only took 2 hours to move everything. I looked into 5-6 companies and I am so happy that we went with Perfect Moving in the end. Would definitely recommend them!
Eda Gokbay
Perfect Moving
Perfect Moving. The best moving service I have ever used. Truck 7 team made this move an absolute breeze. Punctual on the dot, very helpful even with some stuff we did not pack right (or at all). Very polite and friendly. I am beyond happy with the service and Perfect Moving is quite accurate for the service.
Peace of Mind from the Get-Go

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