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We’re the moving company Brooklyn residents are most likely to refer to their family and friends. As top-rated Brooklyn movers with an average 5-star rating on all platforms, we are able to handle moves of any size or distance and we’re not satisfied until you are happily settled into your new home. Whether you are moving to Brooklyn or moving away from Brooklyn to start a new chapter, we are the moving and storage company that is dedicated to making your move as easy as possible.

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You simply cannot find a better moving and storage company in Brooklyn or the surrounding area. Don’t just take our word for it, our reviews speak for themselves and are available on our reviews page.
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No other NYC movers know Brooklyn like we do. From Coney Island, to DUMBO, to Bay Ridge, our team of Brooklyn movers know all of the corner stores, bagel shops and distinct personalities of each of these neighborhoods. Our movers were raised in these streets and have all of the insider knowledge to make your move a seamless one.

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Enjoy a perfect moving experience and full-service storage solutions throughout all Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Central Brooklyn Neighborhoods

Moving in Brooklyn Crown Heights
Crown Heights​

The vibrant community in Crown Heights is no stranger to rapid change and development. If your home is going through this change and needs a reputable moving company, we at Perfect Moving are happy to assist you. Our residential moving services are ideal for those in Crown Heights in need of expert hands to care for their belongings and deliver them safely!

Moving in Brooklyn Weeksville

Weeksville is all about tradition, which means you’ll need a moving team who will handle your belongings with great care and dedication as if they were their own. Perfect Moving is here to assist you with moving and packing services that will guarantee your home’s traditions will not be impacted by the move.

Moving in Brooklyn Flatbush

When you say Flatbush, Victorian times immediately come to mind. The area is filled with incredible artifacts that are a 3D representation of history. Moving them requires an expert’s touch. Perfect Moving offers a variety of services that can help you move and store these artifacts, and keep them in pristine conditions! Your piece of history will be perfectly preserved.

Moving in Brooklyn Beverly Squares
Beverly Squares​
Want to be one of the new residents of the rapidly-growing Beverly Squares? You’re not the only one! This neighborhood is no stranger to newcomers looking to call this walking piece of history home. If you need residential or commercial moving services, Perfect Moving knows the ins and outs of Beverly Square, and will assist you with swift and hassle-free services!
Moving in Brooklyn Ditmas Park
Ditmas Park​

Ditmas Park is known as South Brooklyn’s secret suburb. With the amazing local appeal and easy access to the city, who wouldn’t want to keep this great location on a need to know basis? But if you’ve found it, Perfect Moving can help you and your family make an easy transition to it thanks to our residential moving services!

Moving in Brooklyn Fiske Terrace
Fiske Terrace​
Need to move in or out of Fiske Terrace? Then it’s best to work with a team that’s greatly familiar with the area and can plan every single detail, from A-Z. Perfect Moving is that team. Our extensive array of moving and packing services is perfect for Fiske Terrace families and businesses. Just have a look at what we offer and give us a call!
Moving in Brooklyn Pigtown
The vibrant community of Pigtown certainly knows how to honor its history and keep the tradition alive. The annual Pigtown Festival featuring the “Squeekness” pig races is a true testament to that. And the community of Pigtown also needs to know they have a reputable and reliable moving partner who’s always just one phone call away.
Moving in Brooklyn Wingate
Moving close to Wingate University? Perfect Moving’s special services are ideal for students in need of a bit of assistance settling into their campus doors or brand new apartment. Our team of expert movers will make sure you don’t need to stress about moving in or out of Wingate. All you need to do is give us a call, and we’ll handle the rest.
Moving in Brooklyn Prospect Park
Prospect Park​
Moving next to Prospect Park is a great choice for families with small children since you essentially have a great place where they can run around right in your neighborhood. Perfect Moving specializes in helping families move into their new homes. With us, all you need to do is prepare for all the amazing memories you and your family will build.
Moving in Brooklyn Windsor Terrace
Windsor Terrace​
The Windsor Terrace area is buzzing with life, and if you want to be a part of it, Perfect Moving is here to help! No matter if you’re interested in commercial or residential moving, our team of technicians is at your service. So go ahead and follow your dream to move to this area, and maybe even open your own business!
Moving in Brooklyn Kensington
Diversity is a key aspect of Kensington, and where there’s diversity, we’ve found there is also a need for personalized services that can adapt to the specific needs of the residents. Perfect Moving’s personalized services describe this to the letter. We will make sure all your unique needs are met, and provide you with the right support to move in or out of Kensington!
Moving in Brooklyn Ocean Parkway
Ocean Parkway​
With all the impromptu horse and carriage races taking place in Ocean Parkway, you may be in need of an expert team who can help you out with storing or even shipping some of your equipment. Perfect Moving offers reliable storage services that will give these specialty items a safe place for safe keeping.
Moving in Brooklyn Parkville
Decided Parkville is the NYC neighborhood for you? Then our local moving services in Parkville are here to help you make a smooth transition! With Perfect Moving, you get the benefit of working with a team highly familiar with the area that can safely transport all your belongings to your new home or even business.

Eastern Brooklyn Neighborhoods

Moving in Brooklyn Brownsville
Brownsville residents can rest assured all their moving needs are fully met! Whether you’re moving in or out of the vibrant Brownsville neighborhood, Perfect Moving is here to assist you with everything you need. Our services are easy to personalize and help you access expert support for residential moving, small moving, safe storage space, and more!
Moving in Brooklyn Canarsie
Canarsie is the perfect place if you’re looking for a quiet neighborhood and have a knack for fishing, thanks to its easy access to Jamaica Bay. But if you want your move to Canarsie to be easy as well, Perfect Moving can help you and your family make a smooth transition and fully relocate to this area!
Moving in Brooklyn East New York
East New York​
The vibrant East New York really is a hidden gem of NYC. Whether you’ve just found the perfect apartment to rent, or just one to relocate temporarily, you can still benefit from the help of moving experts! Perfect Moving’s small moving services are ideal for new East New York residents looking to relocate to the area.
Moving in Brooklyn City Line
City Line​
Perfect Moving’s commercial moving services are the top choice for City Line businesses looking to set up shop in this active area! With so many restaurants, shopping stores, and markets around, let us lend a hand and help you set up your new store on the right foot. Your assets will be in very safe and capable hands with our City Line commercial movers.
Moving in Brooklyn Cypress Hills
Cypress Hills​
The diverse and culturally-thriving Cypress Hills area in NYC should know they have a team of local movers ready to help them with anything they need. And we do mean anything – even if you don’t plan on moving! Want to safely mount your new TV on the wall? Need expert junk removal? Want to set up a new sound system? We can help!
Moving in Brooklyn New Lots
New Lots​
Moving in New Lots? Then before thinking about renting out a truck, know that there’s a much simpler way to do it! Your friendly neighborhood movers from perfect Moving can assist you with residential, small, commercial, or even personalized moves! The team is here to help you move to New Lots swiftly and safely!
Moving in Brooklyn Spring Creek
Spring Creek​
Chosen Spring Creek to call home? Or are you planning to move out of it? Either way, Perfect Moving is the local team of movers that can help you with everything you need. In fact, we offer full-service moving that will take care of packing, unpacking, loading, and more! You won’t have to lift a finger with our Spring Creek moving services.
Moving in Brooklyn Starrett City
Starrett City​
Found the perfect place to rent in Starrett City? Then make sure you start your new chapter on the right foot with Perfect Moving’s help! Our moving services in Starrett City can help if you’re in a pinch and need same-day moving, or if you require help to move specialty items, family moving, and more!
Moving in Brooklyn Highland Park
Highland Park​
One can never get bored in Highland Park, especially if you’re interested in playing sports like tennis or even skating in the winter. So if you’ve decided to relocate, our Highland Park moving services are just a few clicks away! The Perfect Moving technicians are ready to assist you with everything you need to move even the entire family!

Northern Brooklyn Neighborhoods

Moving in Brooklyn Bedford
Two words describe Bedford best: brownstone architecture. If you want to wake up every morning and take a stroll in this stunning area, we can help you move to Bedford! Perfect Moving knows the ins and outs of the Bedford area and will have no problem assisting you in relocating to this NYC neighborhood. All you have to do is give us a call!
Moving in Brooklyn Ocean Hill
Ocean Hill​
Ocean Hill has been given a new life, and the community here is growing, so it’s no wonder many people are looking to call this area their home. With Perfect Moving, you can benefit from expert moving services in Ocean Hill that will make for a very smooth transition. We handle residential and commercial moves, and can even accommodate special requests!
Moving in Brooklyn Stuyvesant Heights
Stuyvesant Heights​
Given the rich history of Stuyvesant Heights, there are a lot of precious antiques lying around. If you need to move some of them, Perfect Moving offers Stuyvesant Heights moving services specially adapted to care for antique furniture and objects! Our team will take great care of your precious belongings and deliver them to your destination in pristine condition.
Moving in Brooklyn Bushwick
NYC may be the city that never sleeps, but Bushwick’s definitely the place where all the magic happens! No matter if you need residential, commercial, or special moving services in Bushwick, you have a local team at your disposal. Perfect Moving is always just a few clicks away, with reliable and swift moving services designed to address all your needs.
Moving in Brooklyn Wyckoff Heights
Wyckoff Heights​
Moving medical equipment and resources in and out of Wyckoff Heights giving you trouble? We’re here to help you find out how easy it can truly be! Perfect Moving provides special moving services that directly cater to medical centers. With us, you can finally have a reliable partner for all your medical equipment moving needs in Wyckoff Heights!
Moving in Brooklyn East Williamsburg
East Williamsburg​
With easy access to other must-see places in NYC, East Williamsburg is becoming the go-to relocation destination in the city! But before you start packing, make sure you give us a call so we can help you plan your move to the letter. Perfect Moving is to help you move house, apartment, mansion – anything you need!
Moving in Brooklyn Greenpoint
Relocating to Greenpoint? Call an expert! Perfect Moving can lend a hand and help you move no matter if you’re just renting a place and need to move a couple of items, or are moving your entire family to your new Greenpoint permanent home. With us, moving is never stressful because we take care of the entire process!
Moving in Brooklyn Little Poland
Little Poland​
With its homey vibe, who wouldn’t want to move to Little Poland? Whether you’re looking to connect with your Polish roots or just need a change, our Little Poland moving services are here to help. Perfect Moving offers A-Z moving aid in and out of Little Poland, with affordable rates and great personalization options.
Moving in Brooklyn Williamsburg
Perfect Moving is present in the neighborhood of artists! If you need a team to handle your works of art and deliver them to a new gallery, buyer, or your brand new studio, we are happy to help. Perfect Moving provides fine-art moving services in Williamsburg that will guarantee these valuable items reach any intended destination in pristine condition!

Northwestern Brooklyn Neighborhoods

Moving in Brooklyn Heights
Brooklyn Heights​
Looking for fine art and vintage piece moving services in Brooklyn Heights? We got your back and are fully present in your neighborhood! Perfect Moving’s team of skilled technicians is always prepared to handle these delicate items with great care. No matter where you want them delivered, you can rest assured they’ll arrive at your destination safe and sound.
Moving in Brooklyn Navy Yard
Brooklyn Navy Yard​
The always active industrial community in Brooklyn Navy Yard needs dependable commercial moving services that can keep things running. And we offer exactly what you need! Perfect Moving’s Brooklyn Navy Yard services are ideal if you need to transport heavy equipment, expensive tools, or other resources. We’re proud to serve the area and assist your company in any way that we can.
Moving in Brooklyn Admiral's Row
Admiral's Row​
Admiral’s Row is a piece of NY history that must be preserved. If you need to transport delicate and vintage pieces to a museum or gallery, the Perfect Moving team is ready to lend an expert hand. Our specialty moving services are specifically designed to transport such high-value and sensitive items, using special tools and considerations to ensure we protect them throughout hauling and transport.
Moving in Brooklyn Cadman Plaza
Cadman Plaza​
Moving to the Cadman Plaza area? Be sure to collaborate with a local team that can show you around and helps you and your family make a smooth transition to your new home! Perfect Moving’s residential moving services can help you move completely hassle-free. We offer all-inclusive services for your convenience, and can even handle packing requirements and more!
Moving in Brooklyn Clinton Hill
Clinton Hill​
Clinton Hill’s the top palace for young professionals and young families to relocate to, thanks to its easy access to the city. If that sounds like you, be sure to give us a call! Perfect Moving offers a full range of moving services that can help you make an easy transition to a new place, even if you only have a few items to ship!
Moving in Brooklyn Downtown
Downtown Brooklyn​
Moving office to Downtown Brookly? You’re not the only one! Perfect Moving offers special office moving services to help you and your company start its new journey in the heart of the city. We can help you safely transport sensitive documents and files, tools, furniture, and more! If you’re also planning to live somewhere close, check out our residential moving services too.
Moving in Brooklyn Bridge Plaza Rambo
Bridge Plaza / RAMBO​
Relocating to RAMBO? Smart move, considering your easy access to downtown NYC. Let us help you settle in with our full range of moving services in Bridge Plaza that will take away all the hassle and frustration of moving. With Perfect Moving, all you have to do is tell us where you’ll be moving and when. We’ll take care of the rest!
Moving in Brooklyn Dumbo
People from all over the world come to DUMBO to take pictures, so who wouldn’t want to call this place their home? If you’re soon moving to DUMBO, be sure to check out our residential moving services first! The Perfect Moving team is ready to help you make a smooth transition to your new place, no matter the type of moving services you need.
Moving in Brooklyn Fulton Ferry
Fulton Ferry​
Fulton Ferry attracts hundreds of people every single day, so it’s obviously a smart move to start a business in the area. If you need help shipping tools and resources to this location, Perfect Moving offers Fulton Ferry commercial moving services that can help. With our help, you can make sure your business will always get everything it needs on time to greet the clients!
Moving in Brooklyn Fort Greene
Fort Greene​
If you’re about to call Fort Green home, Perfect Moving is ready to assist with your move! Our Fort Greene moving services are designed for your convenience. We can personalize our offering to specifically meet your needs, no matter if you’re moving just a couple of items in a small move, or have high-value, luxury items that need more attention.
Moving in Brooklyn Prospect Heights
Prospect Heights​
Perfect Moving offers fine art and specialty moving services to all institutions in Prospect Heights! No matter if you need to lend your pieces to another museum, or are in need of someone to handle the delivery for your new exhibition, our team of technicians is at your service. We assure you that with us, your delicate items will arrive safe and sound!
Moving in Brooklyn Pacific Park Atlantic Heights
Pacific Park / Atlantic Yards​
Pacific Park is undergoing a lot of change, and with this change comes the need for reliable moving services. Consider Perfect Moving your local expert, who can assist you with commercial and residential Pacific Park services designed for your convenience. Turn to us no matter the size of the move, or the types of items you’re shipping.
Moving in Brooklyn Vinegar Hill
Vinegar Hill​
Have you heard? Vinegar Hill is one of the best places to live in NYC! If you’ve found a home or an apartment here, let us take care of your move! The Perfect Moving team is greatly familiar with the area and can assist you and your family in successfully relocating to Vinegar Hill without much fuss and frustration.
Moving in Brooklyn South
South Brooklyn​
If you’re looking to move to South Brooklyn, you should work with a team of movers who can help you successfully relocate. Perfect Moving is at your service with a full range of moving assistance that can take care of the entire process from A-Z. We offer additional services to handle packing, unpacking, loading and unloading, and more!
Moving in Brooklyn Boerum Hill
Boerum Hill​
In need of a partner who can handle your fine art moving requests in Boerum Hill? That’s us! Perfect Moving knows what it takes to safely handle and transport fine works of art without damaging them during the process. Thanks to our experience and strict protocols, we are one of the most capable teams to move fine art anywhere you need it!
Moving in Brooklyn Carroll Gardens
Carroll Gardens​
If you’re moving in or out of Carroll Gardens and need someone to handle your luxury items moving, our team of technicians is at your service! Perfect Moving provides luxury item moving services in Carroll Gardens to assist you with handling those items that need a bit more attention and care. We go to great lengths to make sure your items stay perfectly safe!
Moving in Brooklyn Cobble Hill
Cobble Hill​
Relating the entire family to Cobble Hill and need someone to help? Look no further because Perfect Moving is at your service! We offer specialty moving services in Cobble Hill perfect to care for more delicate and high-value items that need special packing and delivery. We assure you that with our help, you can successfully move into your new home hassle-free!
Moving in Brooklyn Gowanus
The go-to spot for artists these days is definitely Gowanus, and if you need a bit of help transporting some of your art pieces, we are at your service! Whether you’re lending them to a museum in NYC, or need to bring in more tools to your studio, our specialty moving services in Gowanus can be personalized to suit your needs.
Moving in Brooklyn Park Slope
Park Slope​
With its suburban vibe but amazing access to the big city, it’s no wonder you plan to move into Park Slope. But let us make sure your transition is smooth as can be. Perfect Moving provides expert residential moving services in Park Slope that can help you move without the hassle that planning a move often brings.
Moving in Brooklyn Greenwood Heights
Greenwood Heights​
Tired of the crowd? Then Greenwood Heights is the perfect place to relate to, with its spacious and airy appeal. Don’t strain yourself with trying to plan your own move though -we can handle it for you. Perfect Moving’s residential moving services in Greenwood Heights are designed to suit your needs and even your budget!
Moving in Brooklyn Red Hook
Red Hook​
Red Hook’s one of the top neighborhoods to watch in 2022, so if you were thinking about relocating here, it’s time to start looking! When you do find the perfect spot, let Perfect Moving help out with your move! Our full range of moving services can be personalized around your unique needs, and even help you settle into your new home!

Southern Brooklyn Neighborhoods

Moving in Brooklyn Barren Island
Barren Island​
Perfect Moving offers junk disposal services in the Barren Island area. We are a local team of movers greatly familiar with the NYC area that can lend an expert hand with anything you need. Our services are fast, reliable, and designed for your convenience. With our help, you won’t have to worry about a thing!
Moving in Brooklyn Barren Beach
Bergen Beach & Georgetown​
If you’re ever looking for a great, quiet place to raise a family, look no further than Bergen Beach / Georgetown! Perfect Moving offers family moving services in Bergen Beach that can be great assets for new homeowners. We can pack, pick up, drop off, and even unpack all your precious family belongings, so you don’t have to.
Moving in Brooklyn Coney Island
Coney Island​
Perfect Moving’s expert commercial moving services are perfect for Coney Island! If you need to safely haul and transport equipment or supplies, our team of dedicated technicians is just a phone call away. Feel free to call us no matter the type of equipment you need shipping, as we are known to go to great lengths to accommodate all our clients.
Moving in Brooklyn Brighton Beach
Brighton Beach​
The stunning and vibrant Brighton Beach offers residents lots of perks. The main one is the proximity to all the fun that usually takes place on Coney Island! If you’re planning to move to Brighton Beach, let our team of skilled and trained technicians help you and your family successfully relocate to this stunning area!
Moving in Brooklyn Manhattan Beach
Manhattan Beach​
The unique vibe of Manhattan Beach attracts many visitors – but it also attracts people looking to call it their home. Whether you’ve found a new apartment to rent in the area or want to take your entire family here, Perfect Moving offers affordable and reliable moving services in Manhattan Beach that can help you make a hassle-free transition.
Moving in Brooklyn Sea Gate
Sea Gate​
Found the perfect single or two-family place in Sea Gate? Then you’re about to begin a wonderful new chapter in this quiet and vibrant community! And we at Perfect Moving are here to help you get off on the right foot, with expert moving services in Sea Gate designed to be a convenient asset for you and your family.
Moving in Brooklyn Sheepshead Bay
Sheepshead Bay & Madison​
No matter if you’re looking for commercial, residential, specialty, or other types of moving services in Sheepshead Bay & Madison, it’s important to work with a local team that knows its way around the area. And we are that team! Perfect Moving offers a full range of moving services in Sheepshead Bay & Madison that can cater to all your unique needs.
Moving in Brooklyn Homecrest
Whenever you’re tired of the big city noise, Homecrest is ready to show you everything about how quiet life can truly be (while still allowing you to easily access big-city amenities). When moving to Homecrest, be sure to give Perfect Moving a call so that we can help you pack and safely move you and your family into your new home!
Moving in Brooklyn Midwood
Culturally diverse, vibrant, safe, and good pizza: is there any other way to describe Midwood? Well, you may be calling it “home” very soon. In that case, be sure to give the Perfect Moving team a call so we can help you plan your move. Our Midwood moving services are perfect for young adults, families, and even moving high-value special items!
Moving in Brooklyn Flatlands
Whoever said NYC is the city that never sleeps never went to Flatlands. This amazing community provides residents with a nice, and quiet life, while still offering them access to everything they need to live comfortably. And Perfect Moving is here to assist you with everything you need to successfully move to Flatlands swiftly and safely!
Moving in Brooklyn Gerritsen Beach
Gerritsen Beach​
Living in the big city can often be isolating, but that’s not the case if you move to Gerritsen Beach. This small community is perfect to raise a family and for those people who like to get to know their neighbors. If you and your family are moving to Gerritsen Beach, our residential moving services are at your disposal!
Moving in Brooklyn Gravesend
The only colonial town founded by a woman is now an ideal and safe place to live a pleasant and quiet life. If you’ve decided to leave the noise of the big city and move to Gravesend, be sure to reach out to Perfect Moving first! We are greatly familiar with the area and offer affordable Gravesend moving services that can greatly help you!
Moving in Brooklyn White Sands
White Sands​
All eyes are on White Sands every year, and if you own a hotel or business in the area, you now have a shipping partner that can help you with anything you need! Our White Sands commercial moving services are perfect if you need to bring in new furniture to your hotel or B&B, stock up your store, and more!
Moving in Brooklyn Marine Park
Marine Park​
The idyllic Marine park is the perfect place to raise a family and live a quiet, yet comfortable life. If you and your family have decided you want to call it home, Perfect Moving is here to help you relocate. Our family moving services in Marine Park offer great convenience when moving apartments, houses, and even specialty items that need more care when handling and transporting.
Moving in Brooklyn Mill Basin
Mill Basin​
Looking for a new place to start a family? Mill Basin is the perfect choice for many young adults who need a place to settle down and begin a new chapter in their lives. And Perfect Moving’s here with affordable Mill Basin moving services designed to cater to your unique needs. Consider us your Mill Basin moving expert.
Moving in Brooklyn Plumb Beach
Plumb Beach​
If you’ve always dreamt about living along the shore, of course, Plumb Beach would be your top choice! If you’ve already found the perfect apartment or house nearby, Perfect Moving has everything you need to relocate! Our personalized moving services can be adapted to address your unique circumstances, so you can rest assured you’ll have an amazing experience working with us.

Southwestern Brooklyn Neighborhoods

Moving in Brooklyn Bay Ridge
Bay Ridge​
Bay Ridge offers many real estate options for young people looking for apartments or even single-units homes for small families. But transitioning to the area is made much simpler when you work with a local team who can help you move into your new home. Perfect Moving can help you successfully move to Bay Ridge, no matter the type of move you need!
Moving in Brooklyn Fort Hamilton
Fort Hamilton​
Perfect Moving is in the Fort Hamilton area and ready to help you relocate! No matter if you are moving into a new apartment, townhouse, or single-family unit, our Fort Hamilton moving services can be a great way to successfully move to the area. We are a team of dedicated and reliable local movers, ready to step in and plan your move so you don’t have to.
Moving in Brooklyn Bensonhurst
Quiet nightlife, great schools, and modern luxury homes – this is Bensonhurst in a nutshell. If you’re moving to this area, allow Perfect Moving to help plan your move! Our Bensonhurst residential moving services are ideal for families looking for someone they can trust to handle their precious and even high-value belongings! Anything you need, we can provide.
Moving in Brooklyn Bath Beach
Bath Beach​
Does your Bath Beach business need an extra hand bringing in new spa equipment or supplies? Then you’ve come to the right place! Perfect Moving’s Bath Beach commercial moving services can be an amazing asset for your business and can even handle the delivery of your very extensive equipment. With our help, your business will always have everything it needs, right on time.
Moving in Brooklyn New Utrecht
New Utrecht​
Many families look to New Utrecht for its safety and access to quality education. If that sounds like you, then be sure to give Perfect Moving a call to help you relocate! Our New Utrecht family moving services are always available to help families easily transition to their new homes. Turn to us if you need a local team of moving experts.
Moving in Brooklyn Borough Park
Borough Park​
Need to move your belongings in or out of Borough Park? Our team of trained and insured movers is at your service! Perfect Moving provides expert and reliable moving services in the Borough Park area that will always rise to our client’s expectations. We can accommodate your specific circumstances and plan every single detail of the move for your convenience.
Moving in Brooklyn Mapleton
Mapleton may not be as recognizable as other places in NYC, but once you discover it, you fall in love for good. If you and your family are ready to call it home, our Mapleton moving services are just a phone call away. Perfect Moving provides affordable and reliable services to families in the area looking for a little bit of assistance.
Moving in Brooklyn Dyker Heights
Dyker Heights​
Christmas fans often gather in Dyker Heights to enjoy the lights spectacle put on by residents. If you want to join in this year and move to the area, we are at your service. Perfect Moving’s Dyker Heights residential moving services are available at all times to help you and your family settle into this vibrant community.
Moving in Brooklyn Sunset Park
Sunset Park​
Planning to move to the hidden gem of NYC called Sunset Park? Then you’re in luck because you have a local moving partner ready to lend a hand! Perfect Moving can assist families, individuals, and businesses with quality Sunset Park moving services, storage, and more! With our help, you will have no problems successfully delivering your items to this area.
Moving in Brooklyn Chinatown
If you have a business in the busy Chinatown area, we can help you get new items, supplies, and even equipment to this area stress-free. All you have to do is give our team of expert Chinatown commercial movers a call, and sit back and focus on your business! Perfect Moving will take care of the rest.
Moving in Brooklyn Sunset Industrial Park
Sunset Industrial Park​
Production in Sunset Industrial Park never sleeps, and if you need a reliable shipping partner who can help your company get everything it needs on time, we are here to help. Perfect Moving can assist you with everything you need, from shipping expensive equipment to special items that require a bit more care. We are always happy to help!
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Residential Moving

Packing up and moving your life (and oftentimes the lives of others) from one home to another can be stressful and tiring, but we're prepared to work with you and your family to make sure everything gets where it needs to be when it needs to be there. We have everything you need and more to get the job done perfectly.

Commercial Moving

Let us create an amazing commercial move experience, whether you are being transferred or looking for corporate relocation services. We are a leader in corporate moving and strive to use our resources and experience to make a smooth transition whether you are an employee or a corporate relocation manager.

Urgent Moves

There are lots of reasons for planning an urgent move – other movers canceled on you, your living situation suddenly changed, you need to move ASAP for a new job, or there’s a family emergency, and you need to relocate quickly. We're here to help you navigate this stressful time. We offer last-minute moving services to make the transition smooth and we do our best to provide same-day depending on availability.

Personalized Moves

From students moving to or from campus, through families of all sizes, to senior citizens with special needs - we have the perfect solutions to meet your specific needs. We also offer tailored services for soldiers and veterans and created special moving procedures for ambassadors, diplomats and other government officials.

Small Moves

“Small” moves are trending, and it takes a different set of moving tools to make them run smoothly. Whether you’re looking for apartment movers — or moving a townhouse, condo, or 1-2 bedroom home — this program is designed to get your belongings moved safely and on your moving schedule.

White Glove

Our top-quality White Glove Delivery service will go the extra mile to plan, move, and setup your belongings with the utmost care.

Full Service

Not looking to do any work for your next move? You’re in luck. Our professional full service movers can handle all the tasks associated with your move so that you can sit back, relax, and watch your to-do list dwindle down without having to lift a finger.

Special Items

Whether it’s a grand piano or a pool table, trust your special household items with us and we’ll give them the custom care they need.

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Full-Service Storage

During the moving process, our customers oftentimes need the ability to store their items. We offer many flexible storage options to cater directly to these needs. Our specialized storage services provide a safe and easy solution to meet your storage needs.

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Additional Services

Most people associate moving companies with packing, loading, transporting and unloading their belongings, but did you know that we offer additional moving services? And you don’t have to be moving an entire household to use and benefit from these services.

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Perfect Moving
It was an incredible experience - the movers (Leonardo and Lilian) were on time, very professional and cooperative. They made it all so easy for us. We would rate the move as 5 star. The customer service was diligent and followed up on the move multiple times to make the move goes smoothly, which it definitely did.
Kanupriya Vats
Perfect Moving
Best moving service I've worked with in NYC in 10 years. Courteous, communicative, efficient, covid-safe, very friendly and fun. My moving team truly made a stressful day a fun one. Additionally, the company's overall communication from inquiring about the estimate, to booking, to confirmation, to on-site, and closing out the job - they certainly live up to their name - it was perfect.
Shana Barry
Perfect Moving
Nikola and his team completely rocked my moving requirements. They arrived early. Worked very fast and very efficiently. They sorted all my boxes by category at the storage location and sent me photos and videos which was very helpful and time saving. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a fast and efficient moving solution.
Tim Ford
Perfect Moving
Perfect Moving is great. Nick is the best he is very helpful. Professional kind attentive. I recommend the place very much. I’ll contact them again! They are awesome
Flor Cruz
Perfect Moving
I have unfortunately moved (8 times in 8 years) and I have to say that this is hands down the best moving company I have used. Rush and the team showed up on time and had my stuff pack and moved out in a few hours...they actually had us moved in a few hours ahead of our projected schedule which gave us time to go grab dinner. I'm bummed that I found them while leaving NYC but will definitely be recommending them to friends who are local.
Colby Ryan
Perfect Moving
Perfect moving was literally just that! The team was on time, super clear, considerate, and super quick! 10/10 for sure and would definitely use you guys again for future moves! Rush was AMAZING! And communicated everything so clear and concise. He really took all the stress and anxiety of moving away. Thanks for all your help!
Matthew Quiles
Perfect Moving
I honestly could not have asked for a better moving experience. Rush and his team where fast, efficient, careful, and friendly. I was in awe at how fast they were able to get everything out while still wrapping and packing everything so carefully and thoughtfully. We were completely done in a couple of hours and everything arrived without a scratch. It's the first time I use Perfect Moving but certainly won't be the last and I would definitely ask for Rush again. 10/10
Javier Ramos
Perfect Moving
Everything was just perfect. Tasko was so responsive and accommodating and the movers were just great. They confirmed everything the day before and on the day of our move. Movers arrived on time. They were so helpful and also very quick. It was a studio apartment and only took 2 hours to move everything. I looked into 5-6 companies and I am so happy that we went with Perfect Moving in the end. Would definitely recommend them!
Eda Gokbay
Perfect Moving
Perfect Moving. The best moving service I have ever used. Truck 7 team made this move an absolute breeze. Punctual on the dot, very helpful even with some stuff we did not pack right (or at all). Very polite and friendly. I am beyond happy with the service and Perfect Moving is quite accurate for the service.
Peace of Mind from the Get-Go

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