Bunker Hill Battle Day

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Bunker Hill Battle Day

On With the Moving Revolution

The Battle of Bunker Hill, fought in June of 1775, proved to be a point of pride and resilience for the American Revolutionary Forces in the War of Independence. While technically a victory for the British, it proved that America was a force to, indeed, be reckoned with, and one that the British not only had to respect, but would eventually overtake them. It’s not merely a day of national pride, but one of important life lessons: that you should never underestimate anyone in life, or be underconfident.
A large move may seem like a tall, intimidating, and formidable foe for you and your family. There are so many moving parts, issues and tasks both large in intricacy and in physical size; it may seem to be a battle that is unwinnable. Maybe you feel this sentiment in planning your big move. It may feel like a formidable enemy, but don’t you worry: with good planning and the right reinforcements, it, too, can be a victory for you.

That’s where Perfect Moving comes in. We are there to be your cavalry and support in your battle against that daunting move. Our team of trained movers will come in and handle the move expertly, efficiently, and with the best service around, not to mention incredibly fair prices!

Call us today, get your free quote, and let’s show that move who’s boss!