Landscaper Move from Forest Hills to Park Slope

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Landscaper Move from Forest Hills to Park Slope

Transplanting My Green Dreams: The Gardener's Big Move

Perfect Moving and Storage Nursed My Gardening Business to its New Home!
Never have I ever been more anxious than when I had to move my professional landscaping setup from Forest Hills in Queens to Park Slope in Brooklyn. The sheer thought of transporting my fragile saplings, precious tools, and heavy machinery was giving me nightmares. Then, along came Perfect Moving and Storage, and what a lifesaver they turned out to be!
The moment I connected with them, I was welcomed by their warmth and professionalism. Their team was excellent at understanding the value of my equipment and the sensitive nature of my saplings. With their well-planned approach and gentle touch, I knew my stuff was in safe hands.
On moving day, the team from Perfect Moving and Storage swept into action. They efficiently packed each tool and machine, cushioning and protecting them as if they were their own. But the real highlight of the day was the care they took with my little green babies – the saplings. Each was carefully secured in specially designed plant boxes and transported with utmost attention.

You see, that’s what won me over. Their diligence, their understanding, and their dedication to ensuring a safe and smooth move. Now, as I write this, I’m happily tending to my plants and tools in their new home in Park Slope, all thanks to Perfect Moving and Storage. So, if you’ve got a big move coming up, these are your guys! They truly do make moving feel like a walk in a beautiful, stress-free garden.