California Admission Day

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California Admission Day

Strike Gold with Perfect Moving on Your Next Move!

September 9th marks the historic day when, in 1850, California was officially admitted as the 30th US State. Since then, they have grown into a national legend of rich culture, business, media, agriculture, nature, and much more. Leading up to its early statehood days, untold hordes of people flocked to California by wagon and boat to try their fortune in the Gold Rush and enjoy some of the state’s riches.

We want you to enjoy California’s riches and delights without having to go through the arduous journey and luck of the draw of years past. If you’re California Dreamin’ and looking to set your family up in a new part of the state, whether a new city or even just down the block, we at Perfect Moving are here to make your move as quick, professional, and affordable as is possible.

You may not have struck literal gold, but with prices and service like ours, you’ve come pretty darn close. Leading up to this California Admissions Day, call us to receive a free quote for your next California Adventure! We aim to please and will always offer Golden Service to the Golden State.