Teddy Bear Day

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Teddy Bear Day

The Bear Necessities & So Much More!

The legend of the Teddy Bear started over 100 years ago when President Teddy Roosavelt, while hunting, decided to spare a bear cub in his path. Thus became the namesake that took the world by storm and is still adored by adults and children alike.
What is it about the Teddy Bear that is so endearing? In a chaotic and often unfriendly world, a Teddy Bear is seen by so many as a symbol of innocence and comfort, a friend to hug no matter how bad the day went. One who will embrace a fluffy serenity and remind you that there is still wholesomeness in this world. We may not be as adorable, fluffy, and soft, but you can think of us as the Teddy Bears of the moving world. Moving homes can be a cumbersome mission. It can be time consuming, stressful, and far from friendly on your pocket.

Perfect Moving is here to be your wholesome moving friend who you can hug and get assured that your move, no matter how big, small, simple, or complicated will be taken care of with pleasure. We will handle your belongings with care and, like your childhood Teddy Bear, we can be there with you for every step.

In a sometimes unbearable world, at least moving can now be a joyful activity, more than just the ‘bear’ necessities! Call today for a free quote.