Leif Erikson Day

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Leif Erikson Day

Call Today and Move to Your Personal Valhalla!

Are you and your family planning to set sail on an expedition across unchartered waters to reach your new homeland? Or are you just moving to a new neighborhood into your dream house?
Leif Erikson day commemorates the original world explorer of the last millenia, Leif Erikson, who sailed from Scandinavia to what is now Canada centuries before Columbus ever lived.

Legendary Viking explorer Leif Erikson didn’t have the benefit of a professional moving and storage company to assist him on his great quest, but thankfully you do! This Leif Erikson day, our dedicated moving specialists at Perfect Moving will put on their Viking helmets, strap on their armor and get to work organizing and moving all of you and your family’s treasures to your newfound Valhalla.

When it comes to the hard work of moving, you can sit back, relax, and ‘Lief’ it all to us! And there’s no need for a months-long voyage: our team delivers overnight or same day, so you can get settled in no time! Call us now and get a free quote for your next move!