Columbus Day

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Columbus Day

Set Sail for your New World with Perfect Moving!

Did you know that Christopher Columbus reached our New World by mistake? What was supposed to be a sailing voyage to India ended up being something so much greater, in landing on the island of Hispaniola and setting the precedent for North American discovery. What a great example of how not all moving trips go as planned, and often for the better!
However, we would NOT say that we would recommend using this model of preparation or navigation for your next move. As much as it worked for Columbus, it is harder to justify your family being happy and satisfied with ending up in the wrong location for your big move. It would be harder to get to work, get your children to school, see your friends, in short, better to move with someone you can trust and leave discovering new worlds to your next vacation.

If you want your next move to be safe, sure, affordable, and want to arrive in your new world in no time, call us today for a free quote!