Fraternal Day

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Fraternal Day

Give Peace (and Moving) a Chance!

What exactly is ‘Fraternal Day’, anyway?
Well, back a century ago, with the end of WWI and its years of violence, terror, and senseless bloodshed, a holiday was instituted to promote the act of brotherly love from one human to the next in an attempt to show peace and love to all.

We at Perfect Moving take Fraternal Day and its beautiful message of peace and love so seriously, and all year ‘round, too! We want to do our part to promote peace among humanity one small step (and move!) at a time. We are there to be with you for every step of the moving process, and we will work our hardest to have you enjoy every step of the move and help with any issue that may arise.

Every person deserves to be treated with love and respect. When you’re planning your next move, make sure you call someone who understands that and takes it to heart. Call us now for a free quote!