Delaware Day

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Delaware Day

First to Rights, First to Moving Quality!

While the State of Delaware today may not get recognition for being the biggest, wealthiest, or most crucial state today in our nation, it holds a crucial place in our history as the United States. Delaware Day commemorates Delaware as the first US State to officially ratify the Bill of Rights into law and effect, cementing the American code of liberty and justice for its private citizens, paving the way for all other states to eventually do the same.

At Perfect Moving, we like to think of ourselves as the Delaware of all moving companies (even if we are based out of NYC, sorry NYC). In an age driven by profit and glamor, where most moving companies are afraid to guarantee their customers impeccable service combined with affordable rates, we ratify the Bill of Movers to do so.

In it, we guarantee every customer and potential customer of ours receives equal, gold-standard treatment, from their first inquiry through every stage of the move itself. Thank you Delaware, now it’s our turn. Call today for a free quote!