Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

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Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Remember Our Heroes, Moving Forward in Their Honor

Today on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, we commemorate and honor the 2,403 brave heroes of the US Armed Forces killed in 1941 on the Attack on Pearl Harbor, which led to the eventual US involvement in WWII. We honor these men and women so that not a single one of them will be lost to history, nor that, God forbid, any of their deaths may be, in any way, in vain.

One way, as individuals and as a nation, that we honor these brave souls who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country is to do everything in our power to constantly move forward. They passed so we can continue to be free and progress. Every day that you breathe free on American soil and work for a better future for yourself and your family is a testament to the work and sacrifice given at Pearl Harbor and what it continued.

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