First Sunday of Advent

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First Sunday of Advent

Christ May be Ascending, But Our Prices Sure Aren’t

The First Sunday of Advent marks the beginning of the Month of Advent, where Christians begin preparations to commemorate both the Nativity and Ascension of Christ. We are fortunate to, all in one glorious month, celebrate both Christ’s physical birth and his spiritual and heavenly beginning. What a holy time!

After his passing, the disciples of Christ had the task of spreading his word and gospel around the land and soon far past to all corners of the world. This must have been quite the mission without a dependable moving service to help them along.

If only they could have called Perfect Moving, we could have offered them an affordable plan to move all of their gospel-related belongings from Israel to Constantinople to the Vatican and Beyond.

As says the Gospel of John, “No one has ascended into heaven but he who has descended from heaven.”

We may not be able to move you and your family into heaven like the Son of Man, but we can move you wherever else you need, and at heavenly prices. Call today for a free quote.