A history of pool & of moving pool tables

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A history of pool & of moving pool tables

Pool Table Moving History

The great game of pool

Pool is the ultimate leisurely activity in both fun and historical versatility. Since its inception in 15th century Europe, pool (not to be confused with snooker or billiards, which are very similar, but not the same game) has infatuated the masses and has entrenched itself as a gaming classic. Across all cultures, across all socioeconomic spectrums and social groups, the pool table is the great equalizer and beloved gathering place.
So, if you want to add to your home or game room with a pool table, how do you know which one is right for you? There are many companies which make tables, but by and large, pool tables are split up by size. Let’s take a closer look, and remember, whenever you need that pool table moved safely, move it right with your friends here at Perfect Moving.

Early days

The early days of pool were back in the Middle Ages, right at the Renaissance (and the Renaissance of pool, of course). Originally played as a lawn game by aristocrats (similar to croquet), within a couple of decades the game moved to the table and rose quickly in popularity. Back then, pool was a game enjoyed solely by the bourgeoisie and noble classes, and the green felt on pool tables was installed to remind patrons of clean-cut grass lawns.
The first few centuries of pool were grand, yet slightly chaotic in terms of design. Pool wasn’t played professionally, and magnificently crafted pool tables were created by craftsmen for the wealthy, but in very few numbers and for private homes. There were also no set dimensions for tables, cues, and balls, and rules differed depending on the house you played in.
Moving, in those days, was also a chaotic feat. The average family didn’t move long distances because of lack of roads, travel infrastructure, and costs of moving, and risk of robbery, but for the wealthier it was possible. If you had the capital and wanted your pool table moved, you could pay laborers to carry it out, cover it safely, and put it on an animal-carried wagon to (hopefully) arrive safely at your destination. Not the easiest pool table moving, but still technically possible. Thankfully, today you can move your pool table with ease and security by going with Perfect Moving.

America gets involved

There have been various rumors as to who technically brought the game of pool to the United States, but for a few centuries, it remained in the US as it did in Europe, a private game for the wealthier classes to play at home. This (and the trajectory of pool) changed in the mid-19th century, when American ‘Pool Halls’ began to form, starting on the East Coast.
Now, the game of pool was being brought to the masses. Instead of needing an expensive table in your house, for a small amount of change you and your friends could go to the neighborhood pool hall, play the game, and socialize. With this leveling of the (pool) playing field, common rules were written down, pool table sizes became uniform, and the game became an organized phenomenon.
The craft of moving, however, may have advanced for some, and for the common man or woman it was slowly becoming a more realistic enterprise. Now, regular people could at least, often, afford wagons to move their belongings, and if one was able to afford one, they could move a pool table across America via train if need be. Once unthinkable, moving a pool table from NYC to the West Coast was an option that could be done within a month, although nowadays you can move it even quicker when you call Perfect Moving.

Pool today

Today, at last, both the game of pool and the ability to move have finally reached the masses and have become accessible to all in their highest quality. The 20th century saw to it that pool, moving, and pool table moving, became achievable symbols of the American Dream. Pool halls turned into an irreplaceable component of the American pantheon of cultural artifacts, much like the saloon, speakeasy, or the underground jazz club.
Moving to moving, the craft finally became something that the entire American population could appreciate and enjoy, as well. Anyone could save up a bit and rent a truck, van, or car, and get their things shipped out. Any person’s belongings could be on the road in no time at all.
Nowadays, there are around 1000 pool halls still going strong in the United States, with untold thousands more pool tables at bars, clubs, restaurants, and private residences. The pool industry is one worth hundreds of millions of dollars per year in revenue, just in the United States. So many potential pool tables to move, how exciting!
Along with the pool and pool table industry, there has also been a revolution and revelation in the moving industry: Perfect Moving! We bring the power of moving to all people, with elite service, efficient and safe moving, and prices anyone can afford.
If you’re looking for pool table movers, in NYC or elsewhere, look no further than Perfect Moving. We’ll move your pool table quickly, safely, and securely to your new home, or we’ll move your entire fleet of pool tables, balls, and cues from your old pool hall to your new one. Whatever pool table moving task is at hand, we’ll handle it and we’ll handle it perfectly.