Moving a pool, a table, or a pool table

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Moving a pool, a table, or a pool table

Moving Pool Tables

How pool is your table?

You’re looking to move your pool table? Well, you’ve come to the right place! You’re also looking to move your table? Just a table? Ok, we can also do that. You also want to move a pool? How is that even related? Ah, because of the words. OK.
You know that a pool table has nothing to do with a swimming pool, correct? It’s billiards, snooker. Is this not a known thing? Has no one ever played pool or seen a pool table before?
No matter. Let’s take this mixup as an opportunity to learn the differences between a pool, a table, a pool table, and how we would move each of them.

Moving a pool

We’ll start with the pool, as this is the more obvious outlier of this fun trio we’ve assembled. And it makes sense if you’re moving that you would want to move your above-ground pool, more summer fun for the whole family!
First, we need to empty out all of the water. Please take this heed of caution and DO NOT simply empty out all of the water at once. A standard above-ground pool holds almost 4,000 gallons of water, and that amount of water at once can easily soak, enter, and damage any plants or structures in the vicinity. Rather, take a pump and/or strong hose, pick a safe drainage sight, and pump the water out methodically and patiently.
Next, carefully inspect the entire pool for damage, decay, rust, holes, or anything that could hinder the move or the pool’s future. Is it safe? OK, now to disassemble. Remove the liner which envelopes the pool, and then the bolts in the wall, the skimmer (the part which collects garbage), and the return fitting (which saves from water backlog). These may need special tools, so best leave this all to the professionals, like us at Perfect Moving!
Once pieces are removed, carefully remove the uprights which keep the pool standing, tightly roll up the wall tarp, CAREFULLY disconnect the pool’s filtration system, and before you move everything, make sure every piece and part is cleaned. You did it! Now you move, reassemble, and the fun continues.
Just remember, again, this can be a tedious and difficult process, so if you want your pool moved the safe and right way, just go with Perfect Moving and we’ll get you set up for summer fun.

Moving a table

Now it’s time for moving fun with the tables. First, how to safely move a regular table. Well, what kind of table is it? There are so many kinds of tables. We’ll do a brief tutorial, and if you don’t feel completely comfortable moving it yourself, Perfect Moving is always here to lend a helping hand and move you right.
With all tables, before you move it, make sure it is clean and safe to go! We don’t want the table falling apart and someone getting hurt. Talk to your mover before making any in-the-moment table decisions.
If it is a table whose legs collapse under it, great! Collapse those legs, wrap the table in plastic wrap and moving paper or blankets (depending on how fragile it is), and put it table-side down in an area of the truck or van where nothing can fall on it or scratch it.
If the tables legs come off, then carefully disassemble them, wrap both the table itself and each individual leg in plastic wrap, moving paper, and moving blankets, and then same drill: table head in the back of the truck, legs carefully placed on table, and make sure that there is nothing in the area which can fall.
If you want to be extra safe and sure, be sure to give your friends at Perfect Moving a call; you and your table will thank us.

Moving a pool table

And now, for the main attraction. The pool table! Really a snooker or billiards table, not a table that goes on a pool or not a table that is a pool (if that’s a thing). Thankfully, we have you covered, and it’s not too complicated!
Moving a pool table is very similar to moving a regular table, just with a couple of extra steps and care. Remember, a quality pool table can be worth thousands! Nothing to sneeze at. Make sure the table is ready and clean, make sure you have at least a few strong people at your disposal, and time to move!
Disassemble the legs, very carefully wrap everything with plastic wrap, moving paper, and moving blankets (and separately wrap pool cues and balls), and like before, everything goes on top of the table head in the back of the truck, with nothing near to potentially damage. Move, reassemble, and play pool!
Time to dive in! And next time you need your pool, table, or pool table moved efficiently, quickly, and safely, call Perfect Moving to do the job efficiently and safely. We always do your move the right way.