The Outsiders’ guide to moving a pool table

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The Outsiders’ guide to moving a pool table

Pool Table Moving

Who are you?

Are you feeling tough today?
Are you feeling lucky, punk? OK, wrong pop culture reference.
So, how tough are you feeling? And where are you feeling that your correct place in society is? If we entered into The Outsiders (and yes, I know you read it in Middle or High School), would you consider yourself to be a Greaser or a Soc? Choose carefully, because this will not just affect your life, social standing, and safety, but also your guidelines to how to safely move a pool table. Crucial.

Setting the scene

The importance of the pool table in Outsiders lore is clear: much of the novel discusses American urban folklore of the era, young men, truants, taking refuge from the hardships of life and society under the canopy of the famed Pool Hall.
Here, like minded young folk could spend their hours playing games of billiards, smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, complaining about the direction of America and their lots in life, and generally cause a ruckus.
The small Pool Hall society is split up into two distinct groups: the Greasers and the Socs.

The Greasers’ pool table moving guide

The Greasers are who you imagine in a dingy, 50’s Pool Hall: young, poorer men, blue jeans, white T-shirts, leather jackets, with oiled and slicked back hair. They are angry at their lot in life and don’t know how to improve their standing. So, when Greaser you has to move a pool table, how do you do it?
First, you put out your lit cigarette…not on the pool table, please. Have some respect. You take three friends. Leather jackets off, beers down. Take off the legs, gently please, you’ll be playing on this table again afterwards.
Complain about capitalist society, everyone nods in agreement.
You really should wrap up the table, legs, and cues and balls. Well, there’s no way anyone has moving paper or professional blankets, so leather jackets will do. There’s also no moving truck (not in the Greaser budget, unless you smart up and go with Perfect Moving), and no one wants to commit GTA today, so four strong men carry the table, two the legs, another two for cues and balls, and off you go. New pool hall, new assembly, more pool. Good day.

The Socs’ pool table moving guide

Now, for the Soc’s. The Socs are the upper crust of society. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t bitter, angry, and guzzling beer and inhaling tobacco like it’s air, but they do it in nicer clothing and with designer brand hair gel.
Well, Soc you has to play pool and move the table as well, so what do you do? You hire a mover! Finally, your money is good for something. And when you hire Perfect Moving, you can rest assured that your pool tables will be individually disassembled, wrapped, moved, and reassembled with efficiency, care, and complete safety for all involved.

A few overall tips for Outsider Pool Table Moving

Don’t share Pool Halls. We know what happens when Greasers and Socs get together and interact with one another.
Always treat your Pool Tables with care and respect. You should also treat each other with care and respect, but that seems less likely and farther away.
Always call Perfect Moving for efficient, quality moving of your pool table and the rest of your belongings, specialty or not, with polite, courteous, and caring movers.
And stay Golden, Ponyboy.