National Missing Children's Day

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National Missing Children's Day

No Longer Missing Great Service

It is a tragic and alarming situation when people in general go missing, and exponentially more so when it is children who are in those unfortunate circumstances. On National Missing Children’s Day, we attempt to create more attention and care to all of our nation’s unfortunate missing children, for the hope that they will be found quickly and safely. We also honor all of those individuals and organizations who work tirelessly to find all missing children, and return them safely to their families.
Perfect Moving may not be one of those admirable organizations, but we salute them in their pious mission and honor them to their fullest. We work tirelessly in a different mission, one of different missing things. We see missing promises filled by moving companies, missing satisfied customers, and missing successful moves.
That’s not even getting into missing things during the move: missing personal items, missing valuables, missing family treasures. Why is it that these calamities are not being avoided? It’s a travesty in and of itself.
So, we work until there are no missing pieces left in our area’s great moving puzzle. We work to ensure that no moving promise is left unfulfilled, no customer misses their ideal moving experience, and no move is carried out at anything below stellar service. Be sure to give us a call and find out what you and your move have been missing.
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