Orthodox New Year

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Orthodox New Year

Amazing Service and Unbeatable Prices, Sounds Un-Orthodox? Think Again!

Another New Year? This one after January 1st? Didn’t we celebrate the New Year a bit earlier, at the very beginning of the month?
How very unorthodox of us.
Oh, wait. Actually, it is the most orthodox of us. Easter Orthodox, that is. Eastern Orthodox Churches celebrate the New Year on the Julian Calendar instead of the Gregorian Calendar, hence, the later January New Year!

You know what else may seem unorthodox in our current society? Paying such low prices for a moving service that gives full care, attention, professionalism, and effort to your move and to all of you and your family’s treasures. It seems almost illogical.

We at Perfect Moving are here to break that stigma. We pride ourselves on being affordable to all, while providing service that some would think is only for the elite.

Maybe you should be a bit Unorthodox, with moving at least.
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