Stephen Foster Memorial Day

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Stephen Foster Memorial Day

Oh, Susannah! Don’t You Cry for…Perfect Moving.

While he himself may not be a household name for the average American, the tunes and songs that Stephen Foster wrote are etched into the cultural fabric of our country and are sung to and by children and adults alike throughout the past 150 years. Cultural classics such as ‘Oh Susannah’ and ‘Beautiful Dreamer’ are still sung (and hummed) popularly to this day.

We don’t know if he takes songwriting credit, but at Perfect Moving we often sing the ballad of the poor customers who need to move quickly but can’t find a dependable, high quality mover in time who gives fair prices.

They then turn to our team, who in return give them quick, efficient, and high quality moving in no time at all, and for prices that are so low, they are just shocking! What a true American classic. We’re sure Foster himself would be proud.

Call today for a free quote and let’s get moving!