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They Tried to Kill Us, We Won, Let’s Eat! (After We Finish the Move).

Purim is one wild adventure of a Jewish holiday. It celebrates and commemorates the bravery of Queen Esther and her cousins Mordechai, who together took down the wicked Haman and saved all of the Jews of ancient Persia. Jews all across the globe have celebrated for centuries by recounting the events, dressing up in costumes, and partying ‘til the sun don’t shine in the event’s honor.
Thankfully, Jews today living in the United State don’t have those same issues and fears as did the Jews of ancient Persia. We live in a society where we are taken in, accepted, and we can become as successful a part of the great American dream as anyone else around. That’s a point to certainly celebrate!
Now, let’s use that freedom to the best of our abilities! We can move around wherever we see fit and where is best for the future of us and our families. Jews of old often had to move constantly for their lives and safety, today we can for our growth and even convenience. What a glorious gift and status.

At Perfect Moving, whether you are Jewish or not, we are happy to keep the freedom of the American Dream alive and move you to wherever it is you and your family see fit! We offer the quickest, most professional, and most cordial service around to make your moving job as stress-free and pleasant as can be.

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