Tax Day

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Tax Day

The Only Sure Things In Life Are Moving And Taxes

Every year we wait for Tax Day to roll around, right? Next to maybe only Christmas and your birthday or anniversary, but we can only assume that it comes very, very close. Millions of Americans, in every city and in every neighborhood, start setting up decorations for tax day weeks in advance, prepare early for visiting family to sit down for roast turkey at Tax Day dinner, and wake early morning to unwrap presents under the Tax Tree.
Wait, this doesn’t happen? Well, we wish we would have known this earlier. We would have thought twice about special moving sales for Tax Day this year. It looks like we, sadly, have no other choice but to keep these low and incredibly fair prices consistent for the entire year, in that case.
It looks like it will just have to be our norm to offer the highest quality of efficient, swift, and professional moving and storage services along with prices that will make your jaw drop lower than your tax refund.
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