Tu Bishvat

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Tu Bishvat

Move and Plant the Seeds of Your Future

In our bustling, urban life and world, the natural world often does not get the love, care, and attention that it so rightfully deserves. We are so invested in day-to-day life and technology that we forget about earth, plants, trees, flora and fauna. And it’s not just the harmonious aesthetic that nature provides: it’s much of healthy life itself! Mother Nature gives us food, materials, shelter, medicine, and often the very clean air we breathe!

Mother Nature is also counting on us sentient beings to make the best of our decisions in protecting her. A tree is not able on its own to pick up the phone, call a moving company, pack up its things and go to a different area if it currently doesn’t feel safe where it is now. That is why we as humans must utilize Tu Bishvat (and the entire year at that!) and make sure every tree and natural growing thing is safe and living well in the place where they are.

That being said, if trees could pick up the phone to get a moving company in and help them out, you’d better believe they’d be calling Perfect Moving. With ultimate professionality, patient and friendly service, and incredible prices, no one moves like we do.

We’re the Tree’s Knees! (That’s how that phrase goes, right…)
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