Georgia Day

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Georgia Day

Georgia (and Moving) on My Mind

Ain’t this just peachy! Georgia Day is celebrated every year to celebrate the first residents to move into the Colony of Georgia back in 1733. And I do declare, isn’t it just the most wonderful state to be in? From peanuts to Coca Cola to soul food and Southern hospitality, there’s no place quite like it. There’s a reason Ray Charles sang so fondly of the place!

Want to move to Georgia? Well, that sure is a commitment, but if it’s the move for you then Perfect Moving is ready to be there every step of the way, to make even a long move stress-free and efficient.

Not quite ready to move to Georgia? That totally makes sense! Why on earth would you move to a totally new state, uprooting your family because of a stone fruit or soft drink? Far too humid there anyways. But, for all of those smaller, more local moves, you still don’t have to put the burden and effort on you and your family, let us do the work for you! Our team of moving professionals will ensure everything in the move will go smoothly and all of your treasures will be delivered safely.

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