Lincoln's Birthday

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Lincoln's Birthday

Four Score and Seven Moves Ago…

Oh, honest Abe! Between being president of a completely divided and unsure nation, being commander in chief of a war that is threatening to break your beloved nation in two forever, and all of the stresses in general that come with being president of the United States, what do you think was the greatest one for him?
No, besides for Mary Todd…
That’s right! Moving all of his and his family’s stuff into the White House! Imagine it: you’ve been elected president, you’re feeling absolutely elated but also stressed and nervous of what lies ahead, and then to top it off you have to deal with mediocre service, uncareful movers, and far-too expensive prices getting all of your things in the White House for your first term? I don’t think so.

If only Abe could have called Perfect Moving instead. We would have given him EXACTLY what we are offering to you: warm, friendly service, organized, safe, and professional moving from our trained and dedicated team, and the most honest and fair of prices. With the big move out of the way, now he could get on to dealing with how to fix our broken nation. Now, if only we could have convinced him not to go to the theater that night…

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