What to look (out) for when moving in Long Island City

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What to look (out) for when moving in Long Island City

Moving in Long Island City

What to look for when moving in Long Island City

Say, you’re looking to plan that next big move in Long Island City? Are you looking to move within the neighborhood, to somewhere else in Queens, in New York City, the Tri-State area?
You are? Fantastic!
For the sake of your future living experience, we hope you keep the move within Long Island City (can’t be beat!), but all options here are superb ones. You just can’t beat living in and around The Big Apple. Be sure to note the high living costs, rushed and chaotic pace of life and work, and sometimes brutal weather; but don’t let those deter you! It’s all part of the experience and that unique New York and Long Island City splendor!
It is, however, much more important than anything, when moving, to make sure that your mover of choice is on the ‘up and up’, has stellar reviews, knows the area like a local, and can help you best in your specific situation.

Transparency is Key

You want, deserve, and need an honest mover, plain and simple. You deserve a mover who will quote you a completely honest price, and then stick to what they’ve promised. No hidden fees, no surprises, and no funny business. Life is already hectic and unpredictable enough: why would you ever settle for a mover who adds to that? Always take someone who is known to always be honest and stick to their word, no matter what.

New Yorkers do it Best

You’re in Long Island City, for crying out loud! You need a mover who can deliver some Long Island City quality moving for you, your family, and your business. In situations like this, you just need to keep it local! You should hire a mover who knows the area like the back of their hand: who knows how best to navigate these streets, how to move in and out of New York City buildings, and who is confident and comfortable moving your things with class in this unique and bustling city.
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What to look out for/avoid

We, at Perfect Moving, would be honored for you to give us your business and to allow us to help you and give you the move of your wildest Long Island City dreams. We are equally as proud to be everything that you could ever want in a mover and in a dependable Long Island City service and business. In a city as large, busy, and packed like NYC and Long Island City, there (unfortunately) are too many less-than-stellar operations that can trap you with underwhelming service; here’s what to avoid.

Taking Too Long or Too Short

You should always strive for the perfect ‘Goldilock’ time with your movers. Unfortunately, there’s no set formula or equation, as everything depends on context: amount of things being moved, apartment situation, distance of the move, traffic, weather etc. However, never settle for a mover who takes longer than they should to complete the move, whether for lethargic reasons or to squeeze money out of you. And, on the other hand, never settle for one who rushes through the job and shirks on quality. Always go for one who cares about you and does the job right.

Beware What You Don’t Know

It’s a customer’s worst nightmare to be stuck with hidden fees, or to pay costs which suddenly are so much higher than what they expected or were quoted. Whether it’s nefarious or simply unwise calculating on the part of the mover, this should be avoided. Be sure to be clear with the mover on what exactly you need moved and to where, and never go with anyone known to hike up prices and surprise customer’s with hidden fees or sneak fine print.
Never get conned, especially in a commercial center like Long Island City, and if a mover brings up a new charge which doesn’t make sense, don’t be shy to look it up and contest it! A mover should have their own insurance, provide a Bill of Lading (ask if you need to know what this is!), and give a fair price estimate.

Why Perfect Moving is best and how we will guide you

It is always crucial to do your research, search and read about a number of movers, deals, packages, and more, and to both ask around and read as many reviews as you can to ensure you get the mover with the best service for your situation. At Perfect Moving, you always get honesty and transparency: there is no question we won’t truthfully and carefully answer, no information you can’t get from us, and no moving job or request that we can’t follow. Everything is for you and so that you stay informed, confident, and moved on time and like the Long Island City that royalty you are.
We are confident that no other mover in the area (or anywhere else!) will give you the quality of service, fair prices, a variety of payment options to fit any situation, complete transparency, honesty, and an always-open window to voice your concerns and questions, and an unending drive to improve for your sake. We truly care and we want to be better, for you.
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At Perfect Moving, we guarantee you that, after you do all of the necessary steps and careful research, you won’t find a higher quality, more personal, more careful, more perfect moving company. That being said, research is always so important! It can never be too overlooked to know exactly what you’re getting into, and no mover should ever be withholding monetary information from you or not be able to give you an honest quote when discussing prices. At Perfect Moving, we promise, always have and always will, that our work is top quality, our prices are fair, direct, and always honest and transparent, and our employees will always treat you like a beloved family. Why would you ever want to go with anyone else?
When moving, never make the mistake of choosing someone who’s not Perfect Moving.