A Perfect Moving guide to moving in Long Island City

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A Perfect Moving guide to moving in Long Island City

Moving in Long Island City

Welcome to Long Island City

Welcome, one and all, to the dazzling and magnificent Long Island City! While it has the distinctive and independent ‘City’ title, and has the size, hustle, culture, and economic power of most American cities, Long Island City is, in fact, a large area within the Borough of Queens. Long Island City has an illustrious and long history, even outside of the scope of being a part of the Greater NYC Area.

A Guide to the perfect LIC move

So, how do you go for that truly perfect Long Island City moving experience? Well, that would mean making sure to do a few things. Everything, at the end of the day, comes down to planning and decision making. Sometimes in life, we can’t plan a move as far in advance as we’d like; life happens.

Planning is key

When at all possible, of course, make sure you plan your move at the right time. This means to, both, plan for when is most convenient for you and your schedule, but also at a time of year when you’re likely to get movers the most easily.
At Perfect Moving, we will always work our best to be available whenever you need us, but if you order movers for a quieter time of year, it definitely increases your chances of getting more people and vans (or the van you want) if needed; we don’t have an unlimited supply!

Know our city well

Planning well also means to pay attention to your Long Island City (and New York City) surroundings and schedules. Our trained and dedicated team will always do the physical moving work as quickly and efficiently as you could imagine, but any driving and parking situation within New York City can be a terror.
If you schedule your move in the mid-afternoon (or even night) instead of morning or evening rush-hour traffic, then the driving and parking/unloading times will be exponentially quicker, and hence, your move will be finished even quicker too.

Go over everything with us pre-move, absolutely everything

Neither you nor our moving team want any surprises along your next move, so make sure you go over all relevant details when planning your big move with us (and getting your free quote!) Make your best estimate of what needs to be moved, the overall size of the move, and if there are specific boxes and/or items that will need our special attention or equipment (like a piano, pool table, aquarium, etc.) The more our team knows, the more accurate your quote will be, the more equipped and ready we will come for your move in its entirety, and the quicker and simpler your move will be.

Why Perfect Moving is Long Island City mover extraordinaire

New York City can often become incredibly hectic, and any service you desire can give you the ironic problem of too many good options. When you want to pick a mover for your next big move in Long Island City, how do you know where to start? Well, thankfully for you (and for all of Long Island City), Perfect Moving is the ideal choice for any area moving job!
We absolutely love and adore this city. We may not have been around for the inception of Long Island City over 150 years ago, but we have the same love and pride for this neighborhood and its unbelievable culture and upward trajectory as you do. We would never, in our wildest dreams, give anyone less-than-stellar moving service, especially not in a place like Long island City, where greatness is expected and deserved by all.
We also know this city and all of New York. When you need to move in Long Island City, you need a mover who really knows the area like their own backyard, because it is ours! Perfect Moving is so proud of all of our years servicing New York City and the Tri-State Area, and we have all of the Big Apple moving expertise and character that you can ask for.
We know the ins and outs of busy street parking for our moving vans, we know how to safely get around the city and keep all of your treasures safe, and we know the kind of moving and living environment that’s demanded of us here.
Do you need to move in or out of a highrise? We can do that. Does your building not have an elevator? No sweat for us. Do you want to know the ideal moving times for moving within Long Island City or to other Boroughs? We can guide you with that. Need help unpacking and organizing your new NYC apartment? We also offer those services! Whatever you need, we have, and we’d love to share with you.
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Whether you’re new to Long Island City, getting the routine down to a science, or an old-timer looking to move onwards and upwards, there is no better mover to get your job done right than Perfect Moving. Go get your move done quickly, efficiently, and always from movers with kindness and a smile, when you choose to move with your trusted friends at Perfect Moving. We’re proud to be the moving pride of Long Island City and it’s time you found out why!
Get your Long Island City move done the right way when you choose Perfect Moving.