What makes both Long Island City & Perfect Moving similar and special

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What makes both Long Island City & Perfect Moving similar and special

Moving to Long Island City

What makes Long Island City so special

Everyone loves Long Island City. For its 150+ year history, it has been a New York City staple neighborhood; a center for culture, business, and the highest quality of wholesome living this side of the Hudson River. But how special is Long Island City, and what makes it stand out in a city with close to 300 individual and unique neighborhoods, some world famous?
As it turns out, there is so much that makes Long Island City especially unique and glorious!

The History

Long Island City has been its own center of being and successful since its foundation in the early 1870’s. In fact, for the first number of years, it was its own independent city, only to be officially brought into New York City near the turn of the 20th century as a part of the Borough of Queens. In those 150 years, Long Island City has gone from a small town, to a bustling factory center, to a bright, modern, glistening center of arts and leisure.

The Culture

Long Island City is a neighborhood rich with both historical culture, as well as the new, vibrant celebrations of life from the 21st century. Majestic old New York City style apartment buildings and townhouses line the streets, only blocks away from glass skyscrapers for those who want a higher morning view.
The neighborhood is filled with art museums of all kinds, open art installations, galleries, trendy and family-owned restaurants, and plenty of parks, foliage, and evenly dispersed green spaces for rest, relaxation, and quality family time.

The Quality of Life

Oftentimes, when people outside New York City think of life in the sprawling, urban, big city atmosphere, they have a few major (and often incorrect) assumptions. People outside of our area seem to think that life in the most urban sprawls here is constantly chaotic, loud, hectic, dirty, unsafe, and with unfriendly, rushed, and rude folk.
We’re here to clarify that, at least in Long Island City, this could not be further from the truth! While much of the neighborhood (if you can call it a simple ‘neighborhood’ at 60,000 inhabitants) is up & coming, with business booming, an influx of people, and buildings rising higher and higher, Long Island City isn’t as crazy and chaotic as one might think.
The neighborhoods are shaded and well designed, leading to quiet, peaceful living, even in the big city. You can be in the center of town and within minutes be at the water in a quiet, waterside neighborhood paradise! There are endless new, pristine building projects for upscale living, as well as incredible quality affordable housing, and a safety rating among the highest in all of New York.

What makes Perfect Moving so special

Not that Long Island City should be outdone, but it’s not the only special, unique, and wonderful subject here in this article. There’s also Perfect Moving! In a city full of different moving options, what makes us the clear best choice?

The People

A company begins and ends with the quality of its employees, and we couldn’t be prouder of ours! Every member of the Perfect Moving team is specially picked, highly trained, and ready to do their job to the best of their abilities. Welcome to a moving company where every person has that motivated, endless drive, and go-getter LIC attitude with patience, warmth, and kindness to match.

Our Standards

When you have to embark on a big (or even small!) move, you deserve nothing less than stellar, consistent, and top quality service, and we’re here to provide it! We are proud to be perfectionists and constant students of the moving craft; our movers take every job as a learning experience, and no matter how good our service is and how highly regarded we are in the industry, we will never stop working and giving our all to improve.


All of this talk and motivational speaking is great, but at the end of the day, how good is our service and what results does Perfect Moving consistently give. Well, we’re happy to announce that we just can’t be beat! Year after year, our movers get the highest ratings across all platforms and we keep building our resume of happy and satisfied customers. Give us a call to join the list!
Perfect Movers in NYC

What binds them together

Now the all important question remains: what binds Perfect Moving and Long Island City together? What makes them so seamless a fit of neighborhood and moving company? Well, simply put, greatness loves to associate with greatness, and grit loves to associate with fellow grit.
A neighborhood with a penchant for efficiency and constant success (and incredible development for the future!) such as Long Island City, deserves nothing less than a moving company with the same history and drive for excellence. Both Long Island City and Perfect Moving share a history of hard work, motivation, perseverance, creativity, and constant improvement and exceeding expectations.
To make it in New York City you need to constantly be on your toes and ready to work harder and sharper to rise above the rest, qualities both Long Island City and Perfect Moving are proud to share. At Perfect Moving, we strive to work symbiotically with the treasure of Long Island City: we’ll do everything we can to provide the perfect first step into your new life in your LIC home, and if you must leave for a bit, then we’ll send you off with the best good-bye this area can give.


You can consider yourself so lucky and fortunate to be in the 60,000 strong population which happily calls Long Island City their home and joy. If you need to move, whether within the neighborhood confines or (sadly) to a different part of New York City or the Tri-State Area, be sure to join another exclusive and blessed group by letting yourselves into the Perfect Moving family. With our trained and professional team. We assure you that your next move will be quick, efficient, safe and pleasant.
Choose the only mover worthy of working with Long Island City: Perfect Moving!