Isra and Mi'raj

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Isra and Mi'raj

To Mecca, Jerusalem, Heaven, and Your New Neighborhood!

Alhamdulillah! In the Islamic tradition and religion, Isra and Mi’raj commemorate the ascension of the Prophet Muhammed being led by Allah from Mecca to Jerusalem and then straight into heaven. That is what we would consider an ideal moving situation. Hopefully Allah also moved all of Muhammed’s bags and belongings with him throughout the journey.

However, if you and your family or office are planning a large move in the near future, you don’t need to stress about Allah helping you out last minute with the entire ordeal. Perfect Moving is here for you instead!

We may not guarantee a move to Jerusalem or Heaven (maybe do get back to Allah about that one), but anyone in the Maryland area or in these great United States is more than fair game! Our trained team of movers will get all of your treasures and equipment quickly and safely to their new home, and in great time as well! And if you’re moving items out to multiple locations, not a problem! We can disassemble and move out to wherever is needed!
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