A day in the life of a Perfect Moving mover in Long Island City

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A day in the life of a Perfect Moving mover in Long Island City

Long Island City Movers

A day in the life

Wake up, mover, it’s a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the Long Island City air is refreshing and crisp, and both the birds and the busy New York morning traffic are chirping outside. You open up your eyes wide and smile that big, genuine Perfect Moving smile. It feels so good to spend another day moving people to their new homes, offices, and more, and it feels even better to know that your day will be spent helping those who need it the most.
You brush your teeth, get dressed in your best moving clothes and boots, and, after some coffee and eggs, you’re on your way to the team meetings of the day at the Perfect Moving Long Island City headquarters. You get to speak with your friends on the team again, and the manager goes over the tasks of the day, as well as how to improve on previous moves, and how we want to bring our business and service to even greater heights.
Meetings are adjourned, today’s schedule is tightly set, and you and two others take a moving van, ensure it’s loaded with fuel, and drive to your main move of the day: a family who is moving from their Central Queens apartment to the beautiful, quiet, Long Island City neighborhood of Cold Spring Harbor Village.
The main part of the day is the move itself, and it’s a smashing success. You are able to organize all of the family’s items and valuables in quick and efficient fashion, drive to their new home, and set up everything as they want it. Nothing broken or damaged, all smiles, one sandwich eaten, and a family of happy and satisfied customers!
By now it’s late afternoon, so you refuel the van, bring it back to headquarters, go over the day’s move and what tomorrow will bring, and it’s off to the gym and then to unwind at home. The only thing more fulfilling than a day helping our customers get their move done safely and successfully is the knowledge that you’ll get to do it again tomorrow.

What challenges we face

Don’t get us wrong, the smiles on all of our movers’ faces are all genuine. However, being the ultimate moving company in Long Island City (and in all of the Tri-State Area) can be demanding and exhausting work. We strive to be the perfect soldiers of the Perfect Moving moving army, and that means we work our hardest during every move, always keep as sharp as can be, and move with maximum quality and efficiency no matter the moving conditions. And we mean any conditions, whatever this city can throw at us.

Braving the elements

We know that Long Island City (and New York City in general) can bring on some unwanted elements which can get in the way of both everyday events and a big move, but these are nothing to a moving professional at Perfect Moving! Whether we have to brave the cold, wind, snow, rain, humid heat, or just the regular chaos, traffic, and cramped streets, we pride ourselves in taking control of the City to move you better, not have it control us.

Handling absolutely any move

Rest assured and worry not: our team of trained, dedicated Perfect Moving movers can do absolutely any Long Island City (and beyond) move that you may need help with.
Do you need to move to a new dorm or studio? We’ve got you. Do you and your family need to move overnight to a new, bigger apartment? We’re on it and we’ll do the job right. Does your office, gallery, museum, clinic, or even hospital need to get moving to a new location? That’s right: we’ve got you covered there, too.

Help us help you

Remember, if there is anything about your move that you are unsure of or that you believe may require special attention, just ask! Most of the issues that come about in a move are either because the movers are untrained, or because the team wasn’t prepared for what the move needed. There’s obviously no worry in the former issue (our team is all highly trained and able!), and the latter issue can be easily amended by speaking with us beforehand to work out and plan for whatever you need to get done. Rest assured, whatever it is you need to move, we’ll prepare for it and we’ll move it, and you, the right way.

What we strive for in moving

What exactly does a Perfect Moving mover strive for when he or she sets out to do a hard day’s work in Long Island City? We’re glad you asked! At Perfect Moving, we want to prove to all of our customers (and potential customers) that speed and quality don’t have to be separate entities in the moving universe.
We want every step of every one of our moves to be as perfect and easy as can be. We want to move quickly, efficiently, safely, and securely. If the perfect move exists, we want to achieve it, time in and time out: every move we do we learn more and more and are able to deliver that much more in satisfaction.


We hope this glimpse into a Perfect Moving, our Perfect Moving goals, and some quality Perfect Moving thinking can help show why our movers are truly ‘one’ with Long Island City, and why no one is better for your next LIC move! Our efficient and dedicated team will move you quicker, safer, and with kindness and a smile, start to finish. Why would you ever move with anyone else?
Move the Long Island City way when you go with Perfect Moving.
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