Moving a piano from the piano's perspective

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Moving a piano from the piano's perspective

Piano Moving

A different perspective on moving your piano

Have you ever had to move a piano? If you’re currently reading this tidbit, it can be safely assumed that you own a piano and are planning on moving it at some point in the near future, or are curious of what to do when the time comes to move it to a new home.
If this is not the case, why don’t you have a piano yet? Can you imagine how much more beautiful life would be if you could express yourself through those 88 keys (and how much you could impress all of your friends, and they’re hard to impress).
Thankfully, your process for moving a piano has never been simpler. Simply give Perfect Moving a call, and our trained and dedicated team of movers will do the job quickly, efficiently, and with a smile. And without a scratch or ding on your beloved piano! Let’s see how it would feel.

A day in the life of a piano

Goooood morning, piano! It’s another bright and sunny day in your cozy home of the living room, or parlor, or music studio, concert hall, or whichever room has the distinct honor of having you brighten it up with your design and your wonderful musical gifts. What is this amazing day going to bring you?
As a piano, there’s no need to get out of bed, get dressed, shower, or have breakfast, so when you wake up, you’re already all ready for the day and what it has to bring! Pleasant and light, warm rays of sun trickle in through the windows, and you can feel the beams of day rest on your ivory; absolute bliss. You await the heart of the morning and day, when the people of the house get a few minutes of free time and are able to sit on the seat in front of you and play from the soul on your keys.
You wait for those precious minutes to come but the morning continues to stand still. Where is the music? The life? In fact, you begin to notice that the living room is looking quite different from usual. Everything in it is boxed up and still, it seems like nothing is amiss, but that all simultaneously is amiss.
Is today Moving Day? That’s the only logical explanation!
So many stressful thoughts go through your head and through your chords. There are so many disastrous things that could go wrong with moving a piano; what if you’re dropped or scratched, or worse? If you had sweat glands this would be the time they’d be used. You look towards the front window; the moving vans are here, and the Perfect Moving seal and logo is stamped on them for all to see. It’ll be alright; you breathe a long sigh of relief. The professionals are here to help.

The piano goes moving with Perfect Moving

What a change of scenery and pace; it’s time to move! A big move can seem like an unsure and frightening time, whether you’re the piano owner moving their beloved treasure or the piano itself moving to an unknown new home. Is the Perfect Moving piano moving service as good as you’ve heard through the grapevine? What a tense feeling of trepidation.
The movers come in. You see they’re stacked with all of the necessary equipment to make this move a safe one. They bring loads of moving wrap, specialty moving blankets, a massive dolly to wheel you out to the van outside, screwdrivers and safe, organized containers for screws, and smiles on each face. You feel safer already!
The move, thankfully, is a breeze, as it always is with Perfect Moving! Taking off your legs, lid, and lyre go by smoothly and without issue, every piece is wrapped up safely, then it’s to the dolly, and then to the bed of the moving van. There, you’re strapped in tightly but comfortably; nothing is going to move you during this move!
The ride goes by seamlessly (even their driving is absolutely superb!), and when you get to your new home, you’re unloaded, carefully lifted and wheeled in, and tactfully put back together piece by piece. As if it were a pleasant dream, you are now standing stoically and without a scratch in your new home, waiting joyfully for the end of the move so your music can be played once again. Thank you, Perfect Moving! You have this piano’s seal of approval!


When you next need to move your prized piano from your home, studio, concert hall, etc, you should go with a mover that your piano would want you to choose: Perfect Moving! No other moving company combines the elite expertise and efficient, safe, and kind service that we do, every single move, and without fail. We’ll be the best mover for you and for your instruments.
Choose Perfect Moving, a mover both you and your piano can trust.