Lunar New Year

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Lunar New Year

When the Move Hits Your Eye, Like a Big Pizza Pie, That’s Perfect Moving

Many prominent cultures and religions around the world celebrate the New Year as it appears on the Lunar Calendar as opposed to the Solar One. This means that instead of following the calendar as it connects to our location via the sun, we do it to our location via the moon.
And we’re all for it! The moon seems so much more pleasant of a friend to have near to us anyways. It doesn’t blind you with its rays, it doesn’t make you thirsty when it’s too clear, and it certainly doesn’t give you moonburn. The moon has also become such a cultural icon for clarity, for love, and for tranquility. Why not revolve our days around it?

At Perfect Moving we are happy to move you and your family wherever on either calendar you all see fit! If you are looking for that night where the moon is just right (and no, we won’t pry into whether you are a werewolf), then we can also accommodate that! We gladly offer emergency and overnight moving services for unbeatable prices and guarantee job satisfaction!

Give us a call today, get a free quote, and see for yourself!