Moving a piano to a concert hall for an orchestra with Perfect Moving

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Moving a piano to a concert hall for an orchestra with Perfect Moving

Grand Piano Moving in NYC

The orchestra needs their piano

It’s a true rush of excitement when the orchestra gets ready to play. For a few hours in the evening, an audience of hundreds of souls or more are transported to symphonious musical bliss by a train of 90, each playing their part to conduct one harmonious symphonic presence. What an event.
But, what’s this? The piano hasn’t made it to the concert hall? How do you forget to bring the grand piano to the venue? It seems too hard to miss. Someone must really have had an off-morning. This isn’t some electrical keyboard you can lose in a corner, it’s a nine foot long concert grand piano; it takes up a room!
So, what’s the orchestra to do? Thankfully, there is a perfect and simple solution to this, as well as any musical moving (and any moving) dilemma, they can simply pick up the phone and call Perfect Moving! Just call Perfect Moving and every instrument moving challenge will be your musical success in no time at all.

Getting their piano ready to move

A concert grand piano is no easy feat on paper to move, but Perfect Moving has the ordeal down to a science. Even for one piano, this is a moving job that can take four or five people. Thankfully, every member of the Perfect Moving moving team is trained, equipped, and ready for even the most cumbersome and challenging musical moves. That full orchestra isn’t going to play itself, now, will it?
First, the concert grand needs to be prepared for the move. Perfect Moving always comes ready and able. We bring the necessary screwdrivers and tools necessary for the job, as moving any kind of grand piano always requires some tinkering, disassembly, and reassembly.
The first move is to carefully unscrew and take off the piano’s several foot long lid, which can open and close, and stays propped open during orchestra performances. That gets carefully unscrewed, and the lid wrapped multiple times in moving wrap and special blankets.
Then, we carefully unscrew each leg, wrap each in multiple layers of moving wrap and special blankets, and then carefully remove the lyre, which is the box below the keys, at your feet where you push the foot pedals to change piano tones. This, also, gets wrapped in multiple layers of wrapping and moving blankets.

Moving the grand piano to the orchestra

Now that the orchestra’s grand piano is wrapped up and safe from the elements (and the ground), it’s time to move. The moving team flips the piano onto its side, flat-side down, straight onto a specialized dolly large enough to move something of this shape and size with the utmost caution. It is wheeled outside, hoisted into the back of the moving van, and put inside.
Once inside the moving van, the utmost care, of course, is taken, to ensure that the piano rests on flat side cleanly and evenly, and once it does (of course, still wrapped up in multiple layers of moving wrapping and specialty blankets, it is tightly, carefully, and securely strapped onto the bed with a set of specialized ropes, buckles, and latches.
The orchestra can stay assured that their valuable Concert Grand will not move an inch during this move or get as much as a scratch. The lid, legs, and lyre stay wrapped up in their own area of the bed, far from the piano itself, and completely safe and sound.
No intense pressure and rush, nor the pouring rain and cold of the city evening can dampen Perfect Moving’s moving performance nor their mojo; they rush the piano to the concert hall, roll everything safely in, assemble the pieces, and the piano is good as new, pristine, dry, and ready to be played for the concert of a lifetime.

Why Perfect Moving is the best for any piano move

Make no mistake, Perfect Moving is the most trusted and assured choice in all of the piano and instrument moving universe. You may know us from our hits such as dependable, affordable home moving, and quick, easy, and efficient office moving, but did you know that we give that same unbeatable, quality, and affordable service, as well, when it comes to moving your piano?
Well, we certainly do! Whether you have to make an entire philharmonic orchestra’s worth of instruments and gear, or just one upright piano from your living room, there is no other moving company which even comes close to the care, attention, and quality that we will give to both you and your beloved musical instruments.


Perfect Moving is proud to be the number 1, most ready mover, who even the biggest orchestra ensemble can trust for a complete, organized, and successful move on almost any notice. And we’re excited to offer those same quality services to you. When you next need your beloved piano moved, don’t take any risks. Go with the mover who is guaranteed to give your instrument a safe, flawless, perfect move.
Go with Perfect Moving for the perfect and ideal piano moving experience.