Board Game Collector Move from Brooklyn Heights to Upper East Side

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Board Game Collector Move from Brooklyn Heights to Upper East Side

My Board Game Kingdom Found Its New Castle

A Tale of How Perfect Moving and Storage Ensured My Precious Collection Safely Crossed Boroughs.

I’m a massive board game enthusiast, and my collection is my pride and joy. I’ve got some seriously rare and valuable games, and when it came time to move, I was frankly terrified. Enter Perfect Moving & Storage, who turned my move from Brooklyn Heights to Upper West Side into a real-life winning move.

From the moment they arrived, Perfect Moving treated my collection with incredible care. The team meticulously wrapped each game, cushioning the boxes to protect the treasures within. I watched in awe as they transformed my anxiety-inducing jumble into neatly stacked, securely packed rows ready for transport.
The journey from Brooklyn to Manhattan can be rough, but the team at Perfect Moving handled it like the pros they are. There was a spot of traffic, but they kept me updated throughout the ride, and their cheerful attitudes made what could have been a stressful situation quite enjoyable.
At my new home in Upper West Side, the unloading process was just as smooth. The movers carefully unwrapped each game and helped me organize them in my new game room.

Hats off to Perfect Moving and Storage! They not only ensured the safety of my precious collection but also provided exceptional customer service. Now, every time I see my beautifully arranged game room, I’m reminded of their fantastic work. If you’re in the midst of planning a move, don’t roll the dice with other companies. Choose Perfect Moving; they’re a sure bet!