Soap Maker Move in Long Island City

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Soap Maker Move in Long Island City

The Queen of Clean Gets a New Castle

How Perfect Moving & Storage whisked my soap-making operation across Queens without popping a single bubble!

The thought of moving my soap production area filled me with dread. Soap molds, kilos of raw materials, not to mention the delicate finished products, moving them was a logistical nightmare. But Perfect Moving came to my rescue like a white knight in a shining van.

Right from the get-go, Perfect Moving & Storage showed exceptional attention to detail. They came prepared with boxes of every size, ample padding materials, and, most importantly, an experienced team that knew exactly how to handle my unique needs.
The whole process was like watching a well-rehearsed dance. The movers from Perfect Moving weaved around my workshop in Long Island City, packing molds, materials, and finished soaps with the utmost care. Their expertise was apparent, and their casual banter added a light-hearted touch to the moving day hustle.
The local move within Queens went off without a hitch, and they didn’t pop a single soap bubble along the way! In no time at all, they had my new production area up and running, exactly the way I wanted it.

If you’re looking for a moving company that handles your belongings as if they were their own, look no further than Perfect Moving. I couldn’t have asked for a better moving experience. They say no one likes moving day, but Perfect Moving and Storage made me a happy exception to the rule!